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Apr 8, 2013 08:57 PM

Dinner in Lowell near Tsongas Center?

Looking for dinner Idea's for a meal before an event at the Tsongas Center. We eat everything, but need to get in and out in a timely fashion (weeknight).

Thanks for any input you can offer...


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  1. There is not a lot right near the Tsongas (walking distance) but if you were to still be in the car, Downtown lowell has plenty, I would recommend Centro.
    Walking distance to Tsongas, all you can do is a branch of theBoston Beer Works chain. That said, its not THAT bad and the service is pretty quick. Depending upon the event, the beerworks can get pretty busy beforehand, though, allow more than an hour if you can.

    1. In fairly close walking distance there is also Cobblestones and Viet-Thai. Slightly further (but no further than Centro and still walkable) is Blue Taleh, and also Fuse Bistro. None are super amazing, but all are reasonably good, and give you a variety of atmospheres and cuisines, depending on what you like.

      I don't think a car is necessary to walk between the Tsongas Center and downtown lowell where the restaurants mentioned above are. We are talking 10 minute walk max, and this area is perfectly safe to walk at night.

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        I second Cobblestones. Nice food and service and maybe about a half mile walk. Boston Beerworks is good too. It's usually our go-to place before a Spinners game. I think this is probably about a half mile walk ( give or take) from the Tsongas.

        1. re: BlueMagic

          Another yes for Cobblestones. If you need to get in and out, they'll work with you, and it's a quick, direct walk. It's serviceable, not fall down awesome, but good for your time window.

      2. Walk down to Merrimac St.
        Viet Thai
        Mamba Grill
        Mr Jalepenos (terrible name, but not bad mexican)
        Babylon (terrific little Iraqi place)
        Life Alive

        1. +3 on viet thai. it's less than a 10-minute walk to the tsongas, very budget-friendly and fast ticket times.