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Sep 19, 2001 09:21 PM

Hidden Vegetarian?

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I'm not a vegetarian, but my domestic partner is. Very strict, no fish etc, but cheese and egg are OK so far. He also thinks food is whatever fills the stomach...so it has been up to me to fine the great vegetarian delights.
I know about Veggie Heaven, Casa de Luz, Mr Natural, and West Lynn; but my joy is to find great vegetarian in carnavore venues.

Here is my favorite: Twin Dragon (Vietnamese on Lamar N. of Rundberg). Their Tofu Hot and Sour Soup is the best H&S soup ever. Their vegie spring rolls are the best in Austin. They have an extensive Vietnamese and Chinese veggie section, and they will also create any of their dishes with tofu instead of meat.

Star of India on Anderson has a nightly dinner buffet that has enough vegetarian to satisfy him and good carnavore dishes, too.
Taj Palace has a Tuesday night buffet that is exclusively vegetarian, and very good.
Java Noodle on Oltorf is a treat.
Eastside will still prepare a 3- or 4-veggie plate if you ask for it, even though they dropped it from the menu.
Curras north has a very satisfying veggie chile relleno. West Lynn's chile relleno is still the best in town, veggie or otherwise.

Anyone know of any other hidden veggie treats?

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  1. How about the daily vegetarian specials at Las Manitas on Congress in Austin? Taco Express on Lamar does some nice veg stuff, too.

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      David "Zeb" Cook

      Madras Pavillion on Burnet & 183 -- Okay, it's not "hidden", in fact it's all veg. but the food is really good.

      Airport Burger at Guadalope and Airport -- It's a Pakistani/North Indian place. Get a burger and fries, kebabs, or veg dishes. A little uneven but not bad.

      Phoenica Bakery for falafel and shwarma.

      New World Deli has an eggplant parmigiana sub I think.

      Elsi's has good vegetarian enchiladas.

      The Parlor makes some very good all vegetable pizzas.

      Sarovar, like Star of India, has a fair mix of meat and non-meat.

      David "Zeb" Cook

      1. I know it's a chain, but Houstons has a pretty great veggieburger

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          Phil Wronski

          Sorry so late on the post- hope you're still out there.
          Please try Swad which serves Southern Indian snacks in the same vein as Madras, but much better inmo. Mostly fried, complexly seasoned and all veg. They also have a couple of very nice Thali Plates of a combination of items. Little Bombay also serves an almost identical menu and has gotten better press but I prefer Swad.

          Located at 9515 N. Lamar.

          Greg mentioned Las Manitas and I particularly recommend the spinach enchiladas on Thursdays.