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Apr 8, 2013 08:30 PM

Restaurant help (Waiting is an issue)

Neptune Oyster and Island Creek caught my eye. I will be a single sitting at the bar. Which has a shorter wait time or is there another restaurant that is good that I will not have to wait two hours. I fly in the afternoon and arrive ~ 6pm on Monday and will need to eat. I will be staying in Burlington, but if I can get a good meal on the way somewhere without a crazy long wait it would be cool. It doesn't have to be seafood but that is a plus. Thanks.

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  1. I assume you're driving from Logan to Burlington? The easiest thing would be to take the Ted Williams and exit 25/south Boston. There is easy parking and plenty of restaurants in the area. If you want to sit at a bar and near the water, head to legals. For the best chowder head to Yankee lobster. A hole in the wall but great and free parking in the rear.

    1. Neither one of those places are really "on the way" to Burlington. Burlington is north of Boston and from Logan Airport you will actually have to travel south to go to Boston. If you have your heart set on a meal in Boston then I would stick with a place that has easy highway access. Lots of decent places to eat in the Seaport like the other poster has suggested.
      Another thing to consider is the time which you are arriving.At 6pm during the week there will still be rush hour traffic coming in and out of Boston. If you want something quick, you may be better off eating someplace in East Boston.

      1. I don't know if you have your heart set on eating downtown, but a more convenient option would be the Legal's in the Burlington Mall.

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          IMO that Legal is not as good as many others. Too many disjointed meals, brusque service. Just doesn't measure up against so many other locales.

          The better spot in the Mall these days is Blue Stove in Nordstrom's. Very good food, lengthy wine list. Actually fun.

          If seafood is what you want try the Legal in Kendall Sq., Cambridge. Nice bar, bar menu. Hasn't disappointed yet.

        2. You can make a reservation for one at the bar at Island Creek. They have a back bar that is mostly by reservation. If there is no Red Sox game this would work with a car. You could call the Hotel Commonwealth about valet parking.

          1. Think I will just grab a bite to eat near Burlington. Legal's will be good enough.

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              As long as you're deciding on the Burlington Mall, if seafood is not a must, second Blue Stove in Nordstroms

              1. re: justbeingpolite

                I will third Blue Stove and add that I really enjoyed my one meal at Summer Winter in Burlington, and would recommend it on that basis.

                1. re: Chris VR

                  I will try blue stove out Thanks!!

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                Assuming you mean the coming Monday, this is probably wise. Neptune doesn't take reservations, and ICOB will be crazy with the marathon. You'll be arriving too late to take in any of the festivities but Kenmore will still be busy, so it would be best to steer clear of that part of the city.

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                  You may also want to consider the Capital Grille in Burlington. I think the bar is much more appealing than at Legals Burlington.

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                    I will fourth Blue Stove. We've eaten there several times and never had a bad meal. On our last visit, there was a single man there reading a book and enjoying his wine and tapas. I didn't get the sense he was being rushed by the staff at all, even though there was a wait. (And our half hour wait cost me big bucks because I bought a dress while carrying around the little pager thingy!)

                    The only thing I'd avoid at Blue Stove is the shrimp and grits. You can find much better elsewhere. Do get the chicken tacos and the spicy cherry glazed beef. The cod in miso sauce is also good.