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Apr 8, 2013 08:23 PM

Great eats in Florence and Salerno

Sorry if this is redundant in comparison to previous posts. I am looking for great dinner dining experiences in Florence for my trip this September. I'm traveling solo, so I'd like to keep costs down, but am willing to spend $60-$80 on one dinner. I heard a lot about Il Santo Bevitore and that is looking very promising. I think I want to find a place to try some truly authentic Florentine dishes such as ribolita (would this be available in early September?). I can avoid the bistecca because it will be too big for me. What other Florentine specialties should I try.

Also, any advice for great eats in Salerno? Thanks!

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  1. For Salerno, I would take a short cab ride to Cetara and have dinner at Acquapazza. One of my favorites on the AC.

    My favorite place in Florence is Sostanza.