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Apr 8, 2013 07:13 PM

ISO Rec for Artisanal Ice Cream/ Gelato/ Frozen Yogurt (that ships).

Looking for a fun treat to perk me up. Any recs for a delicious foodie ice cream company that ships? Interesting flavor combos a plus!

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  1. Graeters is great. Also max and Minas

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      As for Graeter's, their black raspberry with chocolate chunks is great.

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        I second the black raspberry with chocolate chunks - but be advised that they're also available at Stop and Shop stores (flavors may vary), as well as other supermarkets (check Graeter's website for more info).

    2. These guys are great and a lot of flavors are CRC certified:

      Kosher flavors:

      1. I plan to make, from scratch, pawpaw flavored Cholov Yisroel ice cream sourced from Lamer's dairy products. A co-worker of mine has a farm in Indiana that has a few different food items that he grows on it. He should have a couple bucketloads of pawpaws come this late August/early September. I also plan on canning some pawpaw jam and some of the pears that he grows on it, as I did last couple of years. 3 years ago, I canned a most delicious spiced pear jam that used a natural concord wine reduction with a cinnamon stick in each 8 oz jar.

        BTW, I' a p/t mashgiach for the cRc.

        Would you or anyone else be interested in some Cholov Yisroel pawpaw ice cream or jam? I could send the ice cream overnight packed in dry ice as a possibility.

        1. I have been very happy with talenti gelato. Have tried the Belgian Milk Chocolate (my wife's favorite), Sea Salt Caramel (My favorite), and Caramel cookie crunch.

          All are kosher, chalav stam.

          I have even found them at costco (belgian chocolate) which is great because they are pricey, but well worth it.

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            I was very unimpressed with Talenti. I tried about six flavors (Sea Salt Caramel, Blood Orange Sorbet, Sicilian Pistachio, Toasted Almond, and Mediterranean Mint, and Caribbean Coconut are the ones I can recall buying), and I'd only buy the coconut one again. To each his own.