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Apr 8, 2013 07:11 PM

Mukhwas - Addictive?

Mukhwas addictive? I'm finding myself buying several 14oz (400grm) bags at a time of several different varieties and brands at a few different stores and I feel like I am getting addicted. Is this a common thing?

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  1. A 14oz bag would last me well into the next decade. There's a reason they put a tiny spoon in the dishes at restaurants.

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    1. re: ferret

      Very true. I have a 230 gm (I think about 8 oz) bottle of mukhwas, partitioned into different flavors. I have handed it around after a few parties and it is still going strong.

      I looked at the ingredients and betel nut (supari) is included.

      Supari, aka betel nut, aka areca nut is mildly addictive and if chewed in excess for long periods of time , is somewhat carcinogenic, alas.

      There is something called "areca nut chewers syndrome", but this is found more among people who chew gutkha (areca nut+tobacco+paraffin+slaked lime+flavors+etc.) which the Government of India is trying to ban.

      As said upthread, you only take a tiny bit of mukhwas as a mouth freshener after a heavy meal, definitely not as a daily munchie snack :)

      Or make your own at home without supari.

    2. Some people get addicted to mint oils or scent (like in Vicks, tic tacs, breath sprays). Maybe just chew some sugar free gum after a meal to break your habit.

      maybe make your own (easy) and control the ingredients.

      You are only supposed to use a tiny bit of mukhwas after a meal. It is not meant to be eaten as a typical snack.

      1. Just curious what brand you bought.

        It's supposed to be a mouth freshener and digestive aid.

        Some people get addicted to mixes that have areca nut in it. It will say supari/chalia on it and taste very astringent along with the other flavors. The nut is more wooden than anything like a nut.

        Some senior citizens I know always smell like mukhwas because they are addicted to the supari in it. They are not true red teethed pan addicts but always munch chalia throughout the day, mixing their own or buying these little packets.

        If there is no chalia in your mix, then nothing to worry about. I can't imagine it's harmful.

        The kind at the restaurants never has supari/chalia in it.

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        1. re: luckyfatima

          In my hands, and mouth, right now I have Swad brand Green Mukhwas. The ingredients list doesn't mention supari/chalia.
          I just finished last night a Gujrati Mukhwas that I have to check for supari/chalia in it.

        2. I love them. Unfortunately, I have certain dental issues that make crunching down on these hard objects unwise.