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Apr 8, 2013 07:08 PM

Razor Clams? Chinook?

Are the former protected? Will either likely be available around May 10?

I've now perused at least 24 menus and read many helpful, thoughtful posts.

For my purposes, Steelhead seems a good choice (we sure don't have anything like that at SF's Fisherman's Wharf). My Seattle-residing family suggested Dahlia, which I imagine will be fine.

Many thanks.

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  1. Razor clamming is a huge recreational thing, and the beds are monitered and open only certain days, but they aren't protected to the point that they are unavailable. Mu local fish store has them vacuum sealed and frozen (that's generally what even recreational harvesters do to preserve them). Are you asking because you aren't seeing them on menus? I also rarely see them at restaurants--I'm not sure why but it could be that there isn't much of a commercial harvest. I had a razor clam sandwich at BOKA in Hotel 1000 last year but that was a surprise that they had it.

    1. There are fresh Alaska razor clams in the market at *Seattle's* Fisherman's Terminal right now. Vacuum-packed and frozen, they keep pretty well.

      1. steelhead is always a good choice but, if you're preferring piscine pleasures, you might check out blueacre seafood(same ownership). both places frequently offer a superb razor clam chowder

        1. I had some outstanding razor clam pasta alle vongole at La Medusa last year. Hopefully it will hit their menu again this year!