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Apr 8, 2013 06:44 PM

New Shanghai Dumpling King? Less than a block from my house? [San Francisco]

This weekend I tried to order take-out from Creekside Villa (formerly T&T Seafood) on Monterey Blvd., right across from the Lucky River, but no one answered the phone. When I went out later I looked in and saw a change of ownership sign posted and a closed for renovations note.

Then tonight when I got home from work there were men installing a red and yellow awning proclaiming "Shanghai Dumpling King", that looks just like the sign over the one in the Outer Richmond.

Could this be my lucky day? Does anyone know if this is related to the SDK in the outer Richmond, or better yet related to the original SDK owners?

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  1. Sounds like it's your lucky day! You can host the next chowdown at SDK. :)

    Here's the word from "Glev82453" that SDK is moving temporarily or permanently to 696 Monterey Blvd., where T&T Seafood used to be.

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    1. Sign on the door says it opens Wednesday!

      1. Wow, that's fantastic! Speaking of Lucky River, though - do you ever eat from there? I had one of my worst meals ever ordered from there, but possibly I ordered wrong or...something.

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          I'm interested to hear Sunnyside's take too, and 2nd the need for a Chowdown at the new SDK!

          Some other reports:

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            Hmmm. The Lucky River is an enigma to me. I've gotten takeout from there at least 20 times over the 8 years I've lived in the neighborhood and it has always been mediocre at best, and generally less than mediocre.
            But I've never eaten inside and when I've been picking up my order I've seen large family style plates of food being hauled upstairs that looked better than anything I've ever been served. Also they do a regular business with Chinese construction workers, families and postal workers (it always amuses me to see eight mail trucks lined up along the hill on Gennessee every Saturday) and I've read a couple Chowhound reports of some gems among the menu. So there are indications of good food to be had, but personally I have been unable to crack the code and swore off the place about a year ago.

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              Yeah, I feel exactly the same way. That what I had delivered could not possibly be what everyone there was eating. I was completely flummoxed at how crowded it always seemed to be!

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                I've been to Lucky River a long time ago. Like many Chinese restaurants, it's probably best experienced in a group with several dishes. Take-out is a poor barometer. Heck I avoid take-out, Chinese food or otherwise. Also if I recall, it's a decent value.

          2. My one experience with SDK was more than disappointing. But since I also live a block away, it will have to get a second chance.

            I have not had a "wow" moment like others have in the other Lucky River thread, but the few times we've been, it seemed generally competent, and good value.

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              There's only a few things we get at SDK: the XLB, the Lion's Head meatball over greens (nice gravy), the spicy wontons, and the ni kuo (sweet egg puffs - although the last is better at Mayflower, for our taste, but they serve them cold, whereas SDK serves theirs hot).

              We've tried some regular dishes and other types of dumplings, but didn't care for anything of it.

            2. What's the closest Muni stop to there anyway? I know the 23 goes past because that's the one I've taken, but is there anything else?

              Damn. Now I want XLB and on the NW side of Chicago, it's just not going to happen.

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                Right the 23 will drop you right in front, or the 36 Teresita will drop you one block down if you are coming from the Glen Park BART, just get off where it makes the turn at Foerster.

                1. re: sunnyside

                  Thanks, good to know!

                  Countdown to my next SF trip in August now commences.