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Apr 8, 2013 06:39 PM

Best Chinese in KC area

I moved here 4 months ago from Boston and deeply miss authentic Chinese food.

I know this is a long shot, but the KC area is able to support at least 4 decent Asian markets, where I have seen Asian and other Chinese people shopping.

I believe there must be good Chinese food in the area, somewhere, hidden away, where Chinese people go out to eat.

Bo Ling's isn't what I'm looking for, nor is Blue Koi. I'm looking for the place where the shrimp still have heads, the chicken feet are part of the dim sum menu or they know what szechuan peppercorns are and they're not afraid to use them. The best I've found so far is Peking Chinese in Westport and, while it was tasty, it's not what I'm yearning for.

I found this thread: Any thoughts? Is Pine and Bamboo good?

Any leads? Thank you!

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  1. I like Pine and Bamboo. A friend of mine talked the owner into doing a multi course, off menu feast for about 20. Lots of duck, beef shank, fish maw soup, jellyfish salad. None of it on their menu.

    They have a nice dim sum service on the weekends.

    I'm not sure you're going to find what you are looking for in KC, but give them a try. Nice people and the food really is good.

    If it's still there, check out Jen Jen as well.

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      ABC Cafe on 87th St in Ov Pk is great. It's about 4 blks east of 35 Hwy, near the JoCo library central branch - not sure of the intersecting street. Dim sum to order. Open noon to midnight, closed on Monday I think. Lots of hot pot options, congee, and a variety of steamed fish. If you are after chicken feet and fried intestine and salted fish, they are on the menu in abundance. Hong Kong cantonese, really good and very friendly service for a chinese restaurant of this type. Try the turnip cake with XO sauce on the appetiser menu section, OMG tater tots from heaven. If you are white American, they tend to serve you shrimp with no shells or heads, just ask for them to leave the heads on and they will.

      Jen Jen's is pretty good but the service tends to be hostile. Joy Wok in Lenexa is also good, on 87th too but much further west.
      Oh, they also have a version -sorta- of hainanese chicken rice, called ginger chicken, that is lovely.

    2. My friends from mainland China and Taiwan seem to like Pine and Bamboo garden the best. I liked the dim sum much better than Bo Lings. I feel like there were a couple of other places they liked that had authentic menus written in Mandarin that you could ask for, but I couldn't convince them to give them to me.

      1. Thank you both! I'll give it a shot.

        1. you should try Red Snapper - the owners of that used to own Peking in Westport. i'd imagine if you asked for heads off shrimp, etc they'd be happy to do it. Red Snapper is 84th and Ward Parkway in a small shopping center area. it's our favorite having lived in NYC and other metro areas.

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          1. I'm a newbie in the hood. I've much enjoyed eating at the ABC Cafe a few times and will keep working my way through the menu. Quality-wise, I'd say it's really excellent Hong Kong and Cantonese food, more San Francisco than Kansas. To my mind, the dim sum quality is more variable, some of it (siu mai, for instance) being top-grade and other items (black bean chicken feet) under-flavored although texturally perfect. Haven't been able to get har gao, to my lasting regret. Haven't had occasion yet to order jook late at night, but you can be sure I will. As nearly as I can tell, they won't serve you the No. 1 marker of bad Midwest Chinese dining, the tiki-bar travesty Crab Rangoon, which seems to be on every other Chinese (or Thai, or even Japanese) menu in Kansas. But even that's progress. In my college-student youth, I dined often at a Manhattan, Kans., Chinese spot that was careful to put Wonder Bread slices and butter on every table.