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Apr 8, 2013 06:01 PM

Gluten-free cake? (That doesn't taste horrible...)

Any recommendations for an Oakland/Berkeley area bakery that can make a tasty gluten-free cake that isn't heavy on chocolate? Doesn't have to be made in a gluten-free facility and nuts, dairy, etc. are all fine.


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    1. Sweet Bar makes some good gluten-free stuff.

      1. Masse's Pastries always has a couple of gluten free items that are delicious.

        1. Mariposa sells Capcakes cakes. They are typical GF cakes with American buttercream. They also sometimes sell Miglets cupcakes, which I think is better but also typical cake.

          There is a farmer's market based bakery called Flourchyld that does a bunch of nut based cakes. they are widely liked by non-GF folks. However, they aren't at the east bay markets. In SF Tout Sweet has some non-chocolate GF cakes. Masse's had a whole line of GF cakes for passover, but not sure they are still around. Crixa does a flourless almond cake.

          1. Braxton's Boxes does great custom gluten free cakes: They don't have a storefront but they deliver or can arrange for a dropoff in Oakland/Berkeley (and perhaps beyond?). Their GF coconut cake is a family favorite.