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Apr 8, 2013 05:28 PM

Staub Wide Cocotte vs Normal Cocotte

I've been thinking about getting a Staub Cocotte for awhile and I was recently noticing that the Wide Cocotte is typically cheaper than a normal cocotte of roughly equal capacity.

for example the Staub 6 quart wide dutch oven is 200 dollars

while the Staub 5.5 quart is 259 dollars

Does anyone know if there is a good reason why I shouldn't save 60 bucks and get the wide cocotte over the normal? I didn't notice any clear difference in quality between the two when I compared them at the store. the only difference in cooking quality I could think of is that liquids in the wide cocotte might evaporate more quickly. Anyone have any experience or thoughts?

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  1. I got the 6 qt wide cocotte (got it on clearance at William Sonoma for $129 last year), use constantly, for soups, sauces, did a great kalua pork roast in it on the weekend. I don't have the regular cocotte, so can't really compare the two.

    If you have a Sur La Table near you, go check them out. My local one had the saffron 7 qt cocotte for $149 3 weeks ago.

    1. The weight might be the problem. The Staub 6 qt wide cocotte weights 17lbs but regular 5.5 qt weights 12 lbs. If you don't have a problem lifting heavy pots, go for 6 qt wide cocotte.

      1. I think the wide pot is more versatile. If you're not going to be braising anything higher than the pot I would go with that. I would also get it at Williams-Sonoma as they have free shipping and 20% off all their cookware now. I would also call their outlet stores and see if they have any left in the Graphite color that the store isn't carrying any longer. They have great prices there for first quality.

        The bottom of the 5.5 qt. Staub isn't very large. The pot has a larger diameter on top and then tapers into the bottom which is a smaller diameter. There isn't a lot of space to brown things in the 5.5 qt. which is why I like the lower, wide styling. Much better for braising in a single layer.

        1. Williams Sonoma is having a 20% cookware sale and free shipping. I like the idea of the wide for more browning area if your hob is large enough. The price is tempting too.

          1. Hey I see a 6 qt wide round and a 4 qt wide round. Does anybody know what the difference is dimensions are? I can't seem to find clear numbers on them.