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Apr 8, 2013 04:56 PM

Zagat sells out. [Moved from New Orleans board]

I heard that Zagat was bought out by Google. If anyone is wondering if that would affect their ratings, it definitely did. I had been noticing higher ratings at several restaurants, and then I looked up Italian Pie’s phone number. They scored a 23. Seriously? I remember when top notch restaurants scored 23.

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  1. Not sure how this fits in New Orleans board

    but, yes, in 2011 for a reported $151 million. Zagat was officially integrated into Google's services, with its reviews now appearing on Google Maps and Google+ Local pages for relevant restaurants. Additionally, the service became free to use, but now requires a Google+ account to register.

    Didn't care for it before, don't now. # scores don't mean a whole lot anymore.