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Apr 8, 2013 04:36 PM

best charleston softshell spot?

As a foolish, middle-aged right of spring, we are thinking about heading down in about ten days specifically to enjoy softshells.I usually have softshells almost anywhere they are a spring special (not on the menu).

The countdown clock at The Grocery looks promising, but do you guys have a favorite softshelle spot?

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  1. I love when they are on the menu at see wee!very good!

    Downtown I have had a really good soft shell blt at amen street and they will cook them any way you want!

    Of course Both Sean Brock restrauants will put them OnThe table.

    A couple years ago I had a great one at fig with a butter sauce

    1. I missed this! Sorry, mollybelle.

      I enjoyed my softshell at the Grocery last year. My favorite was at Atlantcville, now defunct, sniff.

      LaLa is right. Seewee does great softshells, and FIG of course. You might want to call Carter's Kitchen to see if Bob is better. I had great ones there last year.

      Have fun. Wish I was there!

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      1. re: Sue in Mt P

        Never had softshells at Seewee...must remedy that. Carters is a great idea too since we can about walk there from our daughter's place and interesting vegan items have shown up on the menu(not for me!).

        Our quick trip down this weekend has got outta hand and has been proclaimed "girls only". Oh well, hope they have fun!

      2. The 'Wich Docotr on Folly is doing them Tempura Style w/ warm Wakame Tofu Skin Salad, Shitake, pickled daikon radish and Ponzu drizzle.

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        1. re: Mickey D

          If I were still in town I'd run to immediately to Folly. Love the Wich Doctor.

          1. re: LaLa

            Well,if I ever have to choose a last meal!...

            Maybe this weekend.How close are we to the end of fresh/live softshell season?