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Apr 8, 2013 04:12 PM

Mexican Chorizo in OC

Anybody know where to buy tasty/spicy Mexican chorizo in Orange County? The best I've ever had was from Huntington Meats at the Farmers Market in LA -- very very good! I've tried the chorizo from some of the Mexican markets in OC (La Reina, Vallarta, Northgate, etc.), but they don't compare to the chorizo from Huntington Meats.

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  1. Check this place out !

    It's in Santa Ana and this is not your typical Mexican style Chorizo that we think of - there is no or very little of that orange grease in these babies.

    Ochoa's Chorizo, on Warner (west of Main Street) in Santa Ana. This is a family-run place, and all they make is chorizo*. It's made right there on the premises, and you can buy them by the whole or a half-link (the links are about a yard long!)

    IIRC there are four kinds, a mild pork, a hot pork, a green pork (from jalpenos) and a chicken. They are all truly delicious, and quite lean so you can grill them without fear of a grease fire.

    Note that it's cash-only, folks.

    * Actually that's not quite correct, they also make outstanding salsas, a green and a red. You need to get both of them ! Also the chips and tortillas they sell are locally made and excellent. The chips are the thin version and are my idea of the perfect tortilla chip. A huge bag costs almost nothing.

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      I bookmarked the place after my last chorizo thread and the pics look legit.

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        Thanks for the tip. Went there yesterday and bought three types pf chorizo, chips, and salsa. All were great.