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Apr 8, 2013 02:53 PM

Fresh Direct Has Come to Philadelphia

I tried to find a thread on this in Chowhound, but nothing came up.
I took advantage of two trial offers from Fresh Direct, and expect
delivery tomorrow morning at a convenient time.

Has anyone else used their services? In general, produce prices seemed higher than Whole Foods, but there were many specials.
Meat prices seemed quite reasonable. Will report back
on quality after I've had a chance to try things.

The trial offers were very tempting: $50 off the first two orders over
$125, plus free delivery for two months. Door-to-door delivery in a
two hour window also appealing. I'd been away for a week, had no
food in the house, and trying them out saved me a quick trip to Costco
for now.

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  1. I keep getting their emails but have not taken the plunge. Eager to hear what you think....

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    1. re: phillybakingqueen

      I've been getting their deliveries since before Christmas. My sister-in-law lives in New York and has been raving about them for years. I buy mostly fish and produce and quality has been very high. I also like their breads -- par-baked croissants and rolls. Fresh Direct saved me a lot of trips to Whole Foods when It was really really cold!

    2. Haven't used them, but ShopRite delivery has been very good. Same prices as in the store,

      1. So far they don't come out to Newtown Square, but I have been using Peapod's (Giant) service for the past couple of weeks - and it has been great! Same deal, but not as much selection as Fresh Direct. My main concern was the quality of the produce and meat , but so far it has been good. The prices seem to be about what Giant charges, but they offer specials. The ease of ordering from my desk at work and changing my order as the week goes on is great and with the two hour delivery window, I am done my shopping for the week by 9 AM on Saturday.

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        1. re: OM42Braz

          My order came at 8am sharp, in my 8-10 am window.
          The delivery person was courteous and efficient; everything
          in my order was right, and appropriately packaged, including frozen items in a small bag that was kept in a freezer in the truck.

          Quality of the produce (honeycrisp apples, asparagus, bananas) looks great, and by appearance at least the meat
          was as advertised: little fat on edge, marbled, a bargain of sorts. Ground lamb a tad fatty perhaps, but I can't get it'
          in my local market, so it will be a treat. Soups look interesting, in 16 oz containers, which is about right. Only nit-picking complaint: no salt content listed on label for soups.

          The best deal for me was delievery of a case of Pellogrino, right to the spot where we store it. I don't think my husband should be lugging this from Costco any more.

          Not sure whether I will continue after trial period, but in terms of quality I was pleased. Will report later once I've tried more of the items I ordered, like vegetarian chili, a rotisserie chicken.

        2. Reporting in on the meat quality: pretty darn good.
          Club steaks were well trimmed, at least as tender as
          Costco Choice, and the same price basically: $12.99/lb.
          Ground lamb @ $6.99/lb came pre-packed, made some mighty tasty lamburgers with a little chopped garlic, onion, parsely, soaked bread and egg beaters.

          Split pea soup as tasty as the corn chowder, $3 for 16 oz of
          store-made soup: perfect. Asparagus, bananas, Honeycrisp Apples all super. I liked the side entree of barley vegetable risotto, my husband didn't like it as much as I did.

          No complaints from the entire order.Packaging excellent, delivery prompt and courteous. Ordering a case of Pellegrino was my idea of smart.

          1. After 13 years living in New York and using fresh direct since literally the week the started in 2001 (?? A guess), if they are using the same model here in Philly, I highly recommend them. I did receive a mailer the other day and went online to see what they had available and their offerings aren't even close to what was offered in New York. Maybe with time they will have more stuff. I think for the basics and a bit beyond it is totally worth it to use fresh direct for ease - especially if you work a lot. In New York they were always on time and they only hired friendly and non-surly workers (which is hard sometimes in New York!). They have good customer service and were always on time. And they tried hard to work with local restaurants, food producers, etc.

            I am lucky to have time to go food shopping so until they offer better and more diverse cheeses, salumi, Spanish and Italian meats and seafood (used to get awesome octopus from the in NYC), I will probably wait.

            But I do highly recommend them and hope the are a success here in Philly!

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            1. re: amysep

              Whole Foods does delivery in Center City now (not sure how far they go) so if you're in the zone you can probably get all that stuff from them.

              1. re: barryg

                That;s interesting, Barry. I'm in the zone alright; we don't live that far away. Whole Food quality if great, but quite
                pricey on many items. I shop very very carefully there.
                Meats and fish are good, but very expensive. Fresh Direct
                had them beat on both steaks and fresh flounder.