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Do you salt your fruit?

My friend from Costa Rica puts salt on her fresh oranges. I tried it and while it was not bad, I don't know if it's good enough to be worth the extra sodium. However I have discovered a little salt in my homemade Lemonade is just the ticket. It made me wonder if anyone puts salt on any other fruit, or in fruit drinks?


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  1. A tiny bit of salt and pepper on cantaloupe, and sometimes a spritz of lime if I have it.

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      Not really. But, I love fresh cracked pepper on cantaloupe!

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        I've put salt on my cantaloupe, but not pepper. Will try that next.

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        Pepper on cantaloupe is so lovely! I never did it until having a wonderful cantaloupe margarita with a pepper rim.

        1. re: debbiel

          I definitely salt (lightly) melons, avocado, tomatoes and cucumbers. I have never considered salting berries, apples, pineapple, mangoes, citrus fruits, guavas or pears, but now I'm interested to see if it improves them in any way.

      3. A little salt on watermelon.........sometimes.

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          along that line I love feta with watermelon because of the salty/sweet combo

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            A thumb's up for salt on watermelon. Been doing that since I was a little girl.

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              Not salt, but a friend from El Salvador introduced me to ripe mango with hot sauce. I typically use a cayenne mash like Crystal or Cholula Chili Lime Sauce.

              1. Watermelon, guava, pineapple.

                1. Yes, I lightly salt a good apple. Haven't tried it on oranges but will do so. Will advise.

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                    A little salt does enhance the flavor of an orange that needs it. Tried it yesterday and two Library ladies agreed with me.

                  2. Absolutely! I first learned of the salt/fruit marriage when I visited Hawaii with my parents in 1965. A light sprinkling of salt on fresh cut pineapple greatly enhanced the flavor. However, salt high, and not too much. The idea is to awaken the taste buds but not inform them.

                    1. Definitely: guavas, unripe mangoes, and grapefruit are basically vehicles for salt, red chilli powder or chaat masala.

                      Mixed fruit chaat is also good with salt, lemon juice, and chaat masala.

                      I also love a pinch of salt and fresh ground black pepper in lemonade.

                      Not tried salt on apples or melons however.

                        1. i salt my jam. and sometimes sprinkle some on melon.

                          1. Actually I don't add salt but I do sprinkle ground black pepper on certain fruits (watermelon, Asian pear, avocado).

                            1. My mom does this with pineapples. But not regular salt; rather, sour plum salt.

                              1. in addition to the others, a tiny sprinkle of coarse sea or Kosher salt on sliced strawberries.

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                                  Yes! I just had a basket of strawberries that was pretty woody, and adding a wee bit of Kosher salt and then letting them sit for a few minutes really brought out the flavour.

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                                    And cracked pepper on fresh, sweet strawberries is heavenly as well. Brings out the natural sweetness.

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                                      And on grapefruit - delicious!

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                                        I'll have to try it on grapefruit next. :)

                                  2. My family would go so far as to put salty shrimp paste on mangoes for their salt fix. I never developed an appreciation for pairing fruit with salty protein aside from the occasional watermelon and feta salad.

                                    1. Salt on a piece of grapefruit is wonderful. In season, I like to take chunks of fresh melon. mix 'em with diced habaneros, salt 'em, and make a fine breakfast for myself.

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                                      1. Grew up salting oranges, apples and watermelon. Didn't know that everyone didn't! Haven't used salt on any fruit since I left for college.

                                        1. Salt on watermelon
                                          Pepper on cantaloupe

                                          1. Yes! Chaat masala, Tajín or Lucas, lime juice, salt, black salt, pepper, chile, a little bit of extra sugar, all of these amplify the fruits' flavors. I am craving a Mexican style fruit cup now!

                                              1. +1 on the watermelon, black pepper on cantaloupe and a huge +1 on the sour plum salt on pineapple. Also like
                                                salt on apples, peaches, but the best is strawberries with balsamic vinegar and black pepper. Strawberries are in season here in South Central Texas and I'm loving them!

                                                1. just a sprinkle of salt on cantelope, tomatoes and avocados.

                                                  1. Lemons, grapefruit, apples,cantaloupe, pineapple...it's all better with salt! Wish I had some right now!

                                                    1. Yes, I find all my fruits are improved by a touch of salt. Some require more than others. Bananas don't really need much salt since there isn't much acid to them.

                                                      I don't salt all my fruits all the time though but I do like the combo.

                                                      1. Depends on my mood, but I have been known to salt cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, mangoes and pineapple (although the latter two are usually with chili and lime as well). Other fruits I don't generally salt, but I enjoy most fruits with salty cheeses, which is the same sort of idea.

                                                        I love a salt rim on fruity/citrus-based cocktails - the Salty Dog (white grapefruit juice and vodka with a salt rim) is a favorite.

                                                        I always salt avocados and tomatoes.

                                                        1. I salt canteloupe and similar melons. My mom always did, and I learned it was good. Never thought to try it with other fruits, but maybe I would eat them more if I start. Will report back!

                                                          1. s&p on cantaloupe.

                                                            salt on other melons.

                                                            salt with grapefruit, sometimes.

                                                            salt with apples, sometimes.

                                                            1. Sometimes on watermelon slices because we grew up eating it that way and on sweet Fuji apples just a sprinkle of fine sea salt enhances that luscious sweetness of the Fuji.I just remembered I have three Fuji's in the fruit bowl.....later:)

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                                                                i just saw a lovely little apple and cabbage salad with tangy dressing. it looked perfect for this hot weather today (here in northern virginia, where we are supposed to hit 89!). http://pleaseyourmaninthekitchen.blog...

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                                                                  That is hotter than California right now. We have been up to 82 but there has been severe winds which combined with the heat usually brings the wild fires:( That salad looks delicious.

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                                                                  My grandfather Owen liked salt on his watermelon. Nobody else in the family did, except his dog! If you dropped some melon for her she'd just sniff at it, but put a little salt on it and she'd snarf it right up.

                                                                  I do think a pinch of salt in lemonade perks it up. Coffee, too, though that's sort of offtopic …

                                                                3. Every once in a while I'll salt fruit that's tart for its kind to bring out the sweetness, but not regularly.

                                                                  1. Haven't read all of the posts to see if it's been mentioned, but it is common to salt grapefruit to counteract the bitterness.

                                                                    Hubby eats salt on watermelon - I think it's a crime to do that to such a sweet and delicate fruit.

                                                                    1. I have a little jar of Chile Fruit picked up randomly at a hispanic market. It takes like chile powder, cayenne, and fine salt. It is really good on fruit, especially on peaches and mangos.

                                                                      1. I salt cantaloupe, mostly because my mom did it when I was a kid.