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Apr 8, 2013 01:56 PM

fagor duo pressure cooker - the yellow indicator doesn't come up

I keep having the same problem w/my new Fagor Duo Pressure Cooker - the yellow indicator doesn't come up! after 15/20 minutes, with no sign of the indicator coming up, water begins to drip from around lid. but after awhile, i realize something is wrong and open up the pressure cooker to discover either my meal is undercooked or burned.

i followed everything in the FAQ: I oil the lid and press down when i close. I lock the lid of course and put it on setting 2 (high).

any advice? anyone else with this problem?

the result is that i have to open up the pressure cooker before I can even begin to start

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  1. I am a relatively recent pressure cook-er, so I can only give you my experiences as a new user. I also have a Fagor Duo for what that is worth - I have the larger model (10qts maybe?).

    What I have "learned" using mine and from reading other posts on here about other's experiences . . . .

    1) it takes a while to come to pressure - the old adage of "a watched pot never boils" is even more true with my pressure cooker. Even when I put the lid on when the liquid is boiling it takes a little while until the yellow thing pops up and it comes to pressure. I've found that the less water I have the longer it takes - my guess this is the physics of pressurizing a larger air space.

    2) I've found that I have quite a bit of time where "steam" is leaking from around the handle, I get some condensation under the handle which sometimes drips onto the burner, sometimes it comes from around the "pressure gauge" knob/dial - this means that it is still coming to pressure and if I just keep letting it go it eventually starts only coming out of the little spout looking thing on the knob/dial. That is when it is at pressure.

    3) when I've had problems (and I haven't had as much as others seem to have had), I find if I take the lid off and wiggle the underside of the yellow indicator it all seems to work fine. I've taken to wiggling it every time now before I put the lid on and it has been fine every time.

    4) the only thing I've burned in my pot so far was a tomato sauce and it only really scorched on the bottom edge of the pot - where the pot goes from the heavy base to the thinner edges. I think i just wasn't centered over my gas burner. It has only happened once and now I just make sure my gas flames don't go up the side too much.

    It is a shame to waste food. Have you tried just filling your pressure cooker to maybe an inch below the "full" line, bringing it to a boil, put the lid on, and see what happens. You might be more willing to "let it go a little longer" knowing there is only water in your pressure cooker and nothing is going to be ruined . . . . .

    1. I suspect you are not locking the lid after lidding the pot. The cooker won't come up to pressure if the lid isn't locked.

      When I was first learning my Fagor, I had that problem. I would forget to slide the lock on the top of handle forward. Or, I would forget to make sure that the pressure valve was closed. (I was used to an old fashioned pressure cooker with the jiggly pressure regulator.)

      1. Few very basic but essential things to check.

        First, do you have the gasket? Because you need the gasket, and my first Fagor came to me without a gasket.

        Second, did you turn and lock the lid into place?

        Third, did you lock the lid in with the yellow button?

        Good luck.

        1. My Fagor has been finicky like this - the yellow buttonn not rising, or rising followed by dripping around the lid. Sometimes opening it and resitting the lid helped. But the other day I noticed that the gasket was not seated evenly all the way around. I adjusted it so the top and bottom edges of the gasket were aligned, put the lid back on, and presto the button rose almost as quickly as on my old Presto.

          I just tried it again, with an inch of boiling water in the pot, and it came up to pressure without problem. So it looks as though correct gasket placement is the trick.

          My suggestion is to practice with plain water in the pot, paying special attention to the gasket and its alignment with the pot's rim. And don't try cooking food until you get the hang of it.

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            Another idea:
            take the gasket out of the lid and lay it on the rim. This will give you an idea of how it is supposed to fit. There isn't much room for error.

          2. Did you ever figure this out? I've been having the same problem - and I've checked my gasket and made sure I'm locking it.