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Apr 8, 2013 01:10 PM

any vegan or vegetarian by pershing square to jewelry district area?

help please. within walking distance btw.

thank you much!

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  1. Cabbage Patch on 6th St has some vegetarian options

      1. If you look carefully, there's vegetarian everywhere around, (though not so easy if you're a purist about being a vegan). Almost all the Middle Eastern places around the area have felafel, and the Turkish place at the back of the Jewelry District Alley has good lentil soup, which I suspect (but don't guarantee) is vegetarian. Bottega Louie certainly has vegetarian items, too. I think the newer gringo-mex chains (Chipotle, Ocho, etc.) all have vege options, though they're likely to be pretty uninspired, IMHO.