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Apr 8, 2013 12:40 PM

Lunch suggestions near Marmottan musuem in Paris?

We will be visiting in May and would like some lunch suggestions near the Marmottan musuem (2 Rue Louis Boilly 75016 ). Nothing huge, just a salad or sandwich cafe type place, preferably not fast food. Like a ladies' tea room. The location seems kind of isolated and not sure if much is around that area. Thanks!

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  1. Actually there is.
    La Maree Passy has OK fish and is not far from the Metro (you'll have to come back there anyway.) Otherwise you have to come back towards town a bit before food lurks.

    1. The Marmottan is just a few minutes walk from La Muette, one of the 16th's social hubs... loads of bistros, cafés, boulangeries on the Chaussée de la Muette, avenue Mozart, and rue Passy. Haute-bourgeoisie-land so not fertile ground for remarkable cooking but good enough for a salady or sandwichy lunch. Not sure if it's still open (last time I was there, whispers of possible closure) but Yamazaki on the Chaussée de la Muette is an excellent pâtisserie with a salon de thé and superior sandwiches. Ladies who lunch tend to congregate at Le Grand Bistro Muette on the Chaussée de la Muette... also turns into a salon de thé after lunch service... and serves a good if pricey breakfast until 11:30am or so. But since you only want a light lunch, you can just wander around to see where other people are eating... it's the usual parisien method for finding a place to eat in an unfamiliar quartier. We assume that popularity is a sign of a great price/quality ratio.

      1. If the weather is good, you could pick up a sandwich at a good shop near your hotel, maybe a split of wine, a sweet, and have a lovely picnic in the park in front of the museum where you can watch the neighborhood children play and perhaps ride the merry-go-round under the watchful eye of a shared playground nanny.