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Apr 8, 2013 12:30 PM

Don't Look at the Photos!

I keep making that mistake -- I'll click on a photo, go to the enlargements of the photos, and when I go back to that photo's post, all the following entries are all greyed out, and I have to click on each one individually to finish reading the thread. It seems to me that previously, when you clicked on photos, the thread was not collapsed when you returned to it. I have to constantly remind myself to not look at photos until I am done catching up with all the new posts on a thread.

Can't this be addressed?

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  1. I'm with you on this one. Drives me crazy, especially if it's one of those threads with tons of replies.

    1. Have you tried opening the photos in a new tab? Often I will open a thread, or several threads, that way so I don't 'loose my place' in the board index.

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      1. re: paulj

        I always open in a new tab, but that is just how I roll. But I agree, it should be fixed for those that don't.

      2. I certainly hope this can be addressed as it is probably the most frustrating part of using CH. Why this is not at the top of TPTB's list instead of the constant, needless tweaking of the forum interface and renaming of things for no reason is beyond me.

        1. I'm with you too. It bothers me most in a long, older thread that I've read before. I go there and notice several new posts throughout the thread. Then I look at one photo, come back, and suddenly, I've read all of the posts! Now I don't know which ones are the new ones. I found out tonight that clicking on a poster's name to view their profile does the same thing. Look at it, come back, everything shows as already read. I'd love e fix for this.
          paulj, I am sure that your suggestion will work, and it's a good idea. But that is not how I am used to browsing, so 'll likely forget to do it. Yeah, I'd still like a fix...

          1. Agree 100%. annoying and seemingly purposeless, as it wasn't like this before - a glitch. hopefully one that the mods can tell us will be/is being worked on?