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Apr 8, 2013 12:26 PM

MKE - Has anyone been to a MATC 5 Star Food and Wine Event? It sounds great!

For some reason the MATC Five Star Food and Wine Events never appeared on my radar. While watching a cooking show on PBS over the weekend, I saw a preview for the 2013 event later this month. It sounds really good to me. Not a sit down dinner and wine tasting but you get to walk around sampling the food. The menu sounds excellent and they said the entrance fee includes both food and wine. Has anyone attended in the past?

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  1. Yes, but not me. Several other folks I know and trust have attended when I pointed it out to them. In general good to better than good reviews. I am more of the "stay at home and make better meals" type, but this in the past was something I would/should have done. There was always a conflict. Darn kid/scouts/whatever/etc.

    Oh, ask folks running the place about in home meals. I was told about a wonderful chef met at this event who did a "romantic" dinner for an anniversary "under the radar" that was really appreciated. According to my friend, they "retired" before dessert was presented.

    (Edit) a roadfood person that I trust who knew chefs last year said that it was awesome. I hate her BTW for being available for these things when I have to run hot dog fund raisers. Three more years and I am available. Unless college requirements /fundraiser s/etc. are required.

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      To heck with coming in the fall for hunting and the symphony. I am ready to come in the spring for golf, fishing, and MATC.

    2. exvaxman: Thanks for all of the details. The ad on PBS did not provide specifics and the website is not much more informative. I sent an e-mail requesting some additional information but they never responded.

      When I first saw the preview on PBS, I thought the cooking may have been done by the culinary students but it sounds like from you said it is done by professional chefs? Did the people you know mention any names/restaurants?

      IndianRiverFL: You may wish to sit tight down there for a while. We have SNOW in the forecast this week and possibly next week. Come on up in July when the weather starts to get nice.

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        I am told the better students and the faculty. The chef I mentioned (the name escapes me, it was a while ago) was helping out as a MATC instructor. My friend from the road food forum was very impressed as were several neighbors who always try to go.

        When visiting my late father in Upper Westchester county, ny before we moved him here, we went to similar events at local and semi-local culinary academy's. Dad had invitations to at least two a week. I always gained weight, and only had one bad experience (student was delivering her course to the table, tripped and I wore it). Before she said anything I asked her for another plate because it smelled interesting. She ran away but did come back soon more composed with a fresh plate. She was in a much better mood when one of her professors asked for a picture of the four of us to remind her about rushing. My reply that she was not supposed to be serving and in the kitchen she had darn well better be rushing to feed me got me a hug. (from her, not the professor!). According to dad until she graduated a few months later, she always stopped by his table to say "hi" and he got her a catering job at West Point for the fancier events. She ended up marrying a cadet and that was the last thing I heard.