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Apr 8, 2013 11:57 AM

Drinks and food in West Village with outside seating!

I am meeting with a friend early this evening to go over some things for their new house---i'm doing their interior design, and we plan on having drinks, and eating for a few hours. doesn't need to be someplace cheap, but they want to go someplace that's near their new home on 10th & hudson, and has some sort of outdoor seating or tables next to big open windows since it's so nice out.

suggestions for places that may have an early happy hour, or a relaxed nice spot to lounge for a few hours?

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  1. Dell'anima is a short walk away and has two tops on the sidewalk that are typically easy to grab if you go early. There are also a number of places nearby on West 4th who also have outdoor seating like Extra Virgin.

    1. Morandi (outdoor seating), Market Table (windows).

      1. Extra Virgin is great for that

        1. Olio on Greenwich and 6th has beautiful outdoor seating -- they borrow plants from the flower store next door -- and great eats at a good price, along with several Italian wines by the glass. La Bota, a couple blocks north on Greenwich, is lower end but has some decent Sangria, some decent Spanish wines and good tapas. Their garden is out back, so no street noise, which is nice.

          1. AOC on Bleecker has a nice back yard.