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Apr 8, 2013 11:17 AM

Vitamix 6300 recently purtchased at Costco is made like JUNK!


Bought one at costco in long island, opened it, tons of scratches all over the openings on base, looks like it was put together by a 7 year old, shards of plastic on circular bottom all jagged sticking out..the parts look so incredibly subpar and poor quality, I was shocked at a $500 machine..thought it was a fluke maybe...returned it, and bought another couple days ago at another costco, just opened it, same thing pretty much, except scratches all on front of base bottom, and the same scracthed looking areas all near openings, and rubber pieces sticking out near dial---wow, obviously not a fluke---this is made in the USA??? anyone notice this on their machines...look on the sides and bottom...I'm not keeping this one either...paid $500 for a machine, I'm not keeping something covered in scratches, and gouges...tried calling company but long wait there an alternative for whole food juices????

  1. Could it have been an error in shipment, handling? Hopefuly its an issue of Costco and not vitamix. Maybe return it and try to get another, explain to customer service that you want to inspect the item before you get home.

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      this was the 2nd one i tried for costco, it's in manufacturing, absolutely nothing to do with shipping--the parts and the assembly are abominable..I can post photos of it if I'm able to here, or link to it...costco is no hassle to return, but i'm thinking these machines sold at road shows or for costco are not "the same" perhaps..???? I am really shocked that no one else is complaining about this? don't people look at their machines when they unpack them? both machines were covered in dust too inside the package!!

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        I bought the 5200 in black at Costco about 6 months ago. It looked fine and has worked great. It wasn't during the roadshow. Costco seems to carry them all the time now. Do the roadshow people bring in their own merchandise with them?

        1. re: auntielo

          the 5200 is $379 at costco and the 4500 vs which i believe is the same as the 5200 just marketed to stores is also 379 at bed bath beyond and with 20% COUPON would be better deal..bbbeyond is pretty good about returns, not as great as costco..but perhaps this is a better unit? Could you look on your 5200 and see if the bottom circular plate is rounded and smooth and not jagged with sharp unfinished edges and scratches all over the plastic that forms side vents? thanks!--and yes,the roadshow people come with their own inventory--those guys make commission

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            BBAB does have a lot of restrictions on their 20% off coupons. I would bet it doesn't allow the discount on the Vitamix.

            Just found one of their coupons. Not too hard since we get a couple per week. The Vitamix is excluded from the offer

            1. re: scubadoo97

              One reason I stopped bothering with BBAB coupons is that pretty much every higher-end, pricer item I'm interested in there seems excluded from the coupon.

              Reminds me a bit of this scene from Steve Martin's the Jerk:


              1. re: Bada Bing

                Recently bought a high end toaster oven at BBaB, brand excluded on the 20% coupon, presented the coupon anyway, and got 20% off. Also, the coupon had already expired. Got 20% off anyway. YMMV.

            2. re: janie

              Plate is round and smooth on mine. I included a pic. (FYI light coloring in lower right portion of plate was just some powder. I didn't notice it until the pic was posted and was able to wipe it right off.) Costco and Vitamix are both known for quality and standing behind their products, so I wonder if the roadshow guy was trying to sell refurbished units...

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                well, I bought the 5200 the other day from costco as a last ditch attempt to buy from them, but alas, more problems, clearly it's 3 strikes you're out vitamix--going to email them these photos--picked out a pristine box, sealed fine, opened it up today, and there's some kind of filmy stuff over front and sides bottom, burning odor from bottom, (this is right out of box mind you)--not plugged in or anything, and more of those scratches near vents, and more of the chipping off of plastic bottom and edges--clearly, poor workmanship, I don't care how good people think it is, for this kind of money the thing should look good and be made well--

                1. re: janie

                  We picked up a 6300 at a recent Costco Roadshow. It's perfect. Not a flaw on it. Only 30 days out from the manufacturing date printed on the tag. That is pretty quick product turnover. I wonder if some newbie boxed up some inferior/returned machines by mistake. That one looks used.

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                    Funny this thread is still going, but to clarify, I bought 3 different units right off the palette perfectly sealed not returned, I'm totally ocd about boxes, so, no it was completely vitsmix inside factors poor construction , period. Please don't call me liar my photos clearly show it, and I wouldn't waste my time complaining about it to vitamix or Costco if it wasn't so, not a random thing, but on 3 machines, I gave up and am happy with blendtec, if you're lucky and your vitamix looks great then super, but I was incredibly disappointed with what i

          2. I recently bought one from QVC. I think it is a model made especially for them. It was $400, in beautiful cobalt blue, and I couldn't be happier with it. I've used a Vitamix at work for years and they are a real powerhouse, indestructible, and though I don't really understand the differences between models, every one I've used has been satisfactory to the max. I suggest you continue to persist in buying the best blender/grinder/mixer of all time.

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              thanks went to return it today and showed the guy at costco doing the road show and he agreed it was totally unacceptable..he also started looking at the ones he was doing the demo's with and they had similar plastic peeling issues on side vents which he said, he had not noticed before but he thought it also showed poor quality control..there also seemed to be less of it on the black model and the worst of it on the platinum one which I had got...I looked at the 5200 which costco also had on display and the base didn't appear to have that at all at least on the display, I might just pick up the 5200 there instead of chancing it with another 6300...

              1. re: janie

                I was fortunate enough to receive a Vitamix Professional 500 for Christmas from my parents. They bought it from Williams-Sonoma in Manhattan. It was boxed perfectly and the machine was quite impressive. A few months later the 750 came out and I exchanged it. It was even better than the last. I just checked my 750 and there were no defects. It looks the same as the day I bought it.

                You could have gotten a better deal than the 6300 if you paid $500 for it. For the same price you could have gotten the Vitamix Professional 500.
                Its $498.95, no tax, and shipping is $3.50 if you choose to ship Fedex/UPS Ground (I assume shipping will be the same for you.


                For some reason, I feel like you were given Seconds or a factory refurbished item. I know thats what they sell at outlets. Perhaps a wholesale warehouse like Costco does the same thing?

                1. re: iamreptar

                  i think you are right, i was in bed bath beyond yesterday and they had some models of vitamix on display,,i looked at them--absolutely nothing like the ones from costco..they are using subpar parts that are scratched up and not finished well on the costco sold units....i am sure of it now

                  1. re: iamreptar

                    I have the VM from W/S from this January and mine is just fine, no problems no issues with manufacturing. If you check Amazon for the 6300 the webpages are a bit wobbly. Perhaps they are questionable versions of the usual products? Would that be possible for a company with such a good reputation?

              2. what are you going to buy???? i ask because i am in the market and this thread really shocks me!!

                I was also looking at the blendtec. One reason i was thinking of the blendtec is that it is a bit shorter, but now vitamix has a shorter version i noticed. i've been comparing by looking at williams Sonoma reviews and also YouTube videos. It's kind of a toss up from what I can see...

                In the meantime, if you have a regular blender but want juice, you can just blend it all together then squeeze the juice out with a nut milk bag. it's a bit messy, but works! A nut milk bag costs $10... not much of an investment compared to a vitamix!!

                1. The original comment has been removed
                  1. Looks to me like the store might be selling customer returns.

                    Mine was perfect the day I took it out of the box.

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                      the boxes were sealed fine, I made sure I took one that was in perfect shape on the outside, I'm very ocd about, this was in the manufacturing, and I showed it to the guy there who was doing the roadshow..he intimated he had seen that before the scratches and poor workmanship and he then turned over the sample he had on display and one of them had it..seemed like it was affecting the chrome more than other colors...oh was distressing to me, but I've moved on with the blendtec..glad yours was fine...I have a friend who loves hers and she saw mine and was aghast..