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Apr 8, 2013 10:43 AM

Emporium Thai - Westwood Outstanding Thai on the westside

Had the chance to try Emporium Thai this weekend and it was great. The Crying Tiger Beef, Morning Glory Salad and Exotic Mixed Veg were all winners. Had a chance to speak with the owner and what a nice guy. Really cares. He mentioned that although they do serve some Americanized dishes more than half are authentic Thai dishes that few other places produce. He really cared about the experience. Along with Night & Market, my new favorite Thai.

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  1. I know about the Jitlada connection, but has it always been this way? I went there and ordered delivery from there when I was in college, and it was just standard Thai fast food (don't remember seeing the more traditional dishes on menu).

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      I got the impression that it was in the past couple of years. When were you in school?

      1. re: chrishei

        Since 2006.

        The traditional dishes at both restaurants were originally printed only in Thai, and were only translated in 2008-2009.

        Emporium's "conventional" menu is pretty lame, and not even all of their Jitlada-esque items are terrific... but it is pretty great for the Westside (and has been consistently good for years).

        1. re: Moomin

          That would explain things. I'm actually ordering delivery from them tonight due to this thread :)

          1. re: Moomin

            Heat Scale.
            I've been going there for years and last weekend was the first I'd heard of the "unpublished" heat scale. They typically offer a 1-10 spiciness on dishes. I had one nine and it was really hot, and I like heat. The owner/manager told me they would go all the way up to 14 if one made a special request.

            1. re: john gonzales

              Ordered last week from this great place when six chow pups were coming to stay over night - everything wonderful especially the mango salad and Crying Tiger Beef - pre -ordered for 6.30 delivery - food was delicious - some pups like the hotter push it up a notch we had ordered - anyhow by the next morning the whole lot was gone. Good service, nice phone person.

              1. re: ZoeZ

                As posted upstream, I like their food a lot!
                And, as you mentioned, the owner and servers are quite helpful and appreciate their customers.

        2. I was also there this weekend (Saturday for lunch), also had an impressive experience.

          The mussel soup is great - be sure to put the curries in as they had both spice and another level of flavor complexity. It would be perfect if the mussels were done perfectly - they're a bit overcooked. I would still get it.

          Crying Tiger Beef was great. Like the twice cooked honey duck. A touch dry, but in the ballpark of acceptability.

          I looked forward to going back.

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