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Apr 8, 2013 10:26 AM

Weeknight dinner near Royal Alex

Hi hounds,

I am hoping for some recs for dinner for a group of 8 people, including 2 teens and 1 child. Italian or Canadian/American food would be preferable. Prices need to be reasonable (mains $10 to $20 range). Ideal location is within a few blocks of the Royal Alex as we will be seeing Stomp there after dinner.



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  1. Paese might work, if you stick with pastas as mains.
    If you're willing to increase the budget to mains that are less than $30 , Luma would be a Cdn food option. O+B Canteen is cheaper, so it might fit your budget better, but I'd much rather eat at Luma. It's also easier to get a table for 8 at Luma.
    For mains that are less than $20, Queen Mother might work, which is within a 10 minute walk, but most tables are 2tops and 4tops. Guess you could call to see about a group of 8.
    Barootes might be worth checking out- some mains might be less than $20.
    If these suggestions are beyond the price range you're seeking, there is a Firkin and a Milestones, as well as some other relatively economical chains, in the Ent District, within a 10 minute walk of the Royal Alex. I had to eat at the Elephant + Castle last fall, and I think I'd probably choose Milestones over another meal at that particular Elephant + Castle, if I had to order chain food near the Royal Alex.

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    1. There's also an Il Fornello nearby, near the Elephant and Castle.

      1. Have decided to go with Paese. What should I order? Probably going to go with a pizza or pasta but interested to know what people have liked here.