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Apr 8, 2013 10:23 AM

E-Cigarettes. .allowed in restaurants/bars?

Don't smoke but seems to help friends who quit smoking.

Are these allowed in restaurants and bars in the USA?
I see that you can add flavors and nicotine to the cartridge.

Doesn't that change things up if its more than steam coming out of that e-cigarette?

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  1. As with smoking, it will depend on the jurisdiction and the business. In my (limited) experience, they are treated the same as traditional cigarettes. If smoking is permitted, e-cigarettes are. No smoking = no e-cigarettes.

    I honestly think e-cigarettes are so relatively new that restaurants and regulators haven't figured out how to handle them.They do not cause second hand smoke, so I cannot see how local and state governments can justify blanket bans. I do have one friend who is very sensitive to perfumes and finds the steam irritating, but no more so than the cologne, perfume, soap, etc...

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        Under law yes, but restaurants still have the right to bar their use. Most of the restaurants in my little corner of NC were non-smoking long before the law was in place. As far as I know, those restaurants also frown on e-cigs.

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          Doesn't make much sense. I wonder why they feel that way.

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            I think some restaurants may be concerned that anyone will light up; e cig or reg cig.

            e cigs are not taxed as heavily and are becoming more popular for that reason alone.

    1. I saw a guy with one at a bar over the weekend here in CO, where smoking inside is banned. Nobody said anything.

      1. Friend said they saw someone on a plane puff away..

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          May be a matter of jurisdiction but UK carriers that I've flown with do not permit them.

          Smoking your e-cig can bring possible untold dangers: