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Apr 8, 2013 10:00 AM

Saturday Brunch/Lunch Near 29th & Park

I am traveling with a group of 12-14 friends from Philly to attend a wedding in June (all adults, no kids!). We will take the train and arrive at Penn Station around 12:30 on Saturday.

I would like to plan a casual, sit-down, affordable brunch/lunch to start the festivities. We are staying at the Gansevoort at 29th & Park and prefer to eat within walking distance from the hotel. Some travelers have a limited budget, so entrees under $20 would be great.

No sushi or Indian food, please. Any place with a trendy, NYC vibe would be a plus! Must take reservations.

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  1. Tough - not the best brunch neighborhood, and many brunch places don't take reservations.

    I would give Blue Smoke or Forcella a call to see if they can work with your group. Maybe the backyard at the Cannibal. Or Birreria at Eataly.

    It's going to be tough to stay within your budget with such a big group as most restaurants will charge more, plus add on an automatic gratuity...

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    1. re: kathryn

      I wondered, after I posted this, if I was being to restrictive with the price point and reservation policy. Would it be better if I was open to a place that doesn't take reservations?

      Thanks for your suggestions - you are always so helpful!

      I've been to Birreria for drinks before - that may be a good option!

      1. re: obx_nancy

        It might be nice to do something in the new Sarabeth's location on Park Ave S, in a private room. But the overall price for a group brunch is $50 (includes coffee/tea) plus tax and gratuity.

    2. There's a nice Afghan restaurant on Third Avenue and 26th Street called Bamiyan. Very reasonable and delicious, and they have a back room where you can sit for hours. Not the most trendy, hip New York place you might find, but would fit the bill for catching up and dining. Oh, and they have a full bar :)

      1. Try Millesime. They have brunch menu and should be ok with your budget. It's a really pretty restaurant.

        1. How is Les Halles for brunch/lunch?

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            Second Les Halles. Very French menu but for brunch/lunch it works. Trendy NYC vibe you were asking for plus it's street level with open doors/windows on Park Ave so you aren't in some airless room. Of course you would have to make a reservation.

          2. Les Halles and L'Express would be good choices. Very good food and not too expensive.