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Apr 8, 2013 09:57 AM

Saturday LateNite Options?

Any suggestions for lite dinner options in the mid-town area for Saturday night around 11pm. Usually go to 5Napkin or pizza (Don Antonios or Johns), but trying to find other options. Menus at Vinyl, Cafeteria, and The Smith all look good. Other places to consider?

Here is my dining itinerary:
Friday lunch: Hill Country Chicken
Friday Dinner: Locana Verde

Saturday Brunch: Normas
Saturday Dinner (late): ?

Sunday lunch: Burger Joint
Sunday Dinner: Bocca di Bacco (theatre district)

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  1. Sake Bar Hagi - 3am
    Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill at Columbus Circle - 2am
    Sakagura - 1am
    Esca - 11:30
    Salvation Taco - 2am
    Pure Thai - until 11:30
    Hakkasan - midnight
    La Silhouette - midnight
    Yakitori Totto - 1am

    You could also go down to Koreatown or to the Breslin/John Dory area.

    I would skip Norma's, it's overpriced and the dishes are not well executed IMO.

    I hope you have a Locanda Verde reservation already...?

    I also prefer Shake Shack to Burger Joint, though the Burger Joint atmosphere is fun.