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Apr 8, 2013 09:38 AM

Best maple syrup available in the GTA?

Trying to find the best maple syrup available - kind of a shoot-off from another discussion in a different thread. Any strong opinions? Willing to travel.

I tried some birch syrup the other day - not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for pure, un-adulterated, amazing maple syrup.

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  1. I'm sure it's a matter of personal taste, but I really like the dark amber syrup that's sold just outside the north St Lawrence Market on Saturday mornings. It's just to the west of the market entrance on the north side of Front St.

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      This is my favorite too! The dark stuff has some smoke to it.

    2. Culinarium on Mount Pleasant carries maple syrup from a producer in PEC, Nyman Farms I think, they have the late season dark stuff which if you want a real hit of the maple flavour is the stuff you want. Without question the best maple syrup I've had locally.

      1. Matbe right and maybe not, but having known maple syrup producers in the past, it was generally claimed that the light syrup is the I best. The production tecniques which I will not elaborate on, apply the answer to the light coloured syrup! Having said that, I do appreciate the darker syrup and ironically when it comes tp honey, I truly prefer dark buckwheat as opposed to the lighter clover!

        1. I've buy the dark amber maple syrup from farmer's markets by the 4 litre jug. I've tried the lighter maple syrups but the amber has the most beautiful intense maple taste.

          At the Brickworks I bought Forbe's dark amber #3 maple syrup in a 4L glass jug for about $85 3 years ago (and they accept the glass jug back reuse which I like) ( Last year I bought Marigold's Maple Syrup in a 4L plastic jug at the Riverdale farmer's market for $69 ( is the website on the jug but it appears they are only on facebook now, which I don't have), but I don't know if it was their mistake or mine but I asked for dark amber #3 and got #2 instead and only realized it after I had used a bit of the jug. Maybe that's why is was $16 less than Forbes'. I definitely prefer the dark amber #3.

          The maple syrup can last 3-4 years in the fridge they tell me, but what I do is share the cost amongst friends which works out to $17.25 - $21.25 L, which is much cheaper than buying it in smaller quantities. Maybe the price has risen since.

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            Coincidentally, I bought some of the Forbes on the weekend from the Healthy Butcher on Queen. I hadn't made it out to Culinarium, but was intending to do so - looks like now I won't get a chance.

            But man, that Forbes dark Amber is incredible.

            I wonder if it gets better? Hard to believe it would.

          2. You're killing me here. As a long time, very small producer of syrup for friends and family...

            We syrup makers are poised and ready in the sugar bush waiting for the first run of sap to produce the best syrup in late March and early April.
            It is that first sap run, when it is still cold and the sap is clear with almost a blue hue that creates the most subtle and delicious of syrups.
            Later in the season as things warm up and the sap clouds the lesser grades are made with more agressive flavours.

            Maple syrup is like fine wine, the grand cru is delicately sweet, tinged with maple wood smoke and lightly coloured.

            Seek out our best work and taste it for all it's wonderful complexities. We work hard to make it for you !

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              Problem being is that it won't retain that delicate flavour when used for cooking. Some like dainty and delicate flavours, and some like big and bold. Personally, I think I'm in the latter when it comes to Maple Syrup.

              But I digress - which brands/products or producers would you recommend?