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Apr 8, 2013 09:10 AM

Family dinner around Times Square - 59st Lexington.

My family(mom, dad and sister) will be in Manhattan tonight to celebrate my sister bday she's turning 15. I told them i'll treat them on dinner.
They'll be in the times square area this afternoon and will be going around 5th ave till Bloominngdales 59st. I'm going to meet them at St.patrick cathedralaround 7 so dinner will be mostly aroudn 8PM

Any good restaurant to eat around the area.?
Food types doesnt matter
Pricing, not so much. Looking at a meal up to 30$ per person. my family doesnt eat much so they will be ordering one plate at the most. So we're looking at about 150-200$ at most including drinks

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  1. If they don't mind spicy Chinese food, I recommend Land of Plenty. So good.

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      anything else. My family do like chinese, but not spicy

    2. I think Vitae might work.

        1. Luna Piena or La Giacanda.

          Or burgers at PJ Clarks