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Apr 8, 2013 09:06 AM

is it me or is McCall's CRAZY expensive?

Shopping for beef and fish for a dinner party, I stopped at McCall's (mainly due to proximity). Am I missing something here? All of the fish was $30-35/LB... most of the beef was at least $27/lb and higher, also.

I should say that the quality was certainly there, though the beef did release tons of juice onto the plate, even after a 10min rest.

I usually shop for beef at Lindy and Grundy or Whole Foods, and at Fish King in Glendale for fish, so I think I'm used to premium prices, but the prices at McCall's really shocked me!

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  1. Mccalls is expensive, yes. But most meat is not generally $27/pd or so. Perhaps you shopped there at the end of the day or something? Lots of more reasonable options availabe. It is significantly less expensive than Lindy and Grundy and offers a totally different product range.

    Fish is more expensive though and I drive across time to buy it. It is the best fish you can buy ioutside of farmer's market n LA, in perfect condition everytime, and often from a well managed fishery or stellar farming operation. The quality is MUCH higher than other premium fighmongers. Depending on the day, they do have lower priced options too but it isn't unusual to have several items that are $30/pound.

    1. I picked up some skate wing there on Saturday which was about $11/lb. if I remember. Sure, their scallops were $30, but they were the best scallops I've had in recent memory and I was born and raised in New Bedford, Massachusetts, which is the world leader of scallop fishing so I know a good scallop. The other thing to keep in mind is that McCalls cleans and even portions most of their product so there's no waste whatsoever compared to other choices. Just my $.02...

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      1. re: bluebandit

        At $30/pound they better damn well be the best scallops you've had in recent memory.

        1. re: ns1

          What do you think really perfect scallops should cost? In Silverlake? Dry packed scallops are always very expensive and these are better quality than can be purchased anywhere else in Los Angeles at a retail sale.

          1. re: JudiAU

            I can get dry packed u-12 scallops delivered to my door for 24/lb, u-8 for 29/lb (sashimi grade)

            add 5 bucks for shipping.

            IIRC HFM had scallops for 18/pound.

            So to answer your question, my personal cap would be 24/pound for a special occasion. Otherwise, I'm going to Costco for scallop like the rest of my poor brethren.

            Clearly I'm not ballin' like the rest of you hounds who can afford to shop at McCalls.

            1. re: ns1

              It's a small business, high rent location, with personal service and a high quality product. That means their costs are higher and they need a higher margin be profitable.
              Everyone seems to lament big business taking over and wants a return to local, yet refuses to support them when inevitably prices are higher.

              1. re: cls

                I'm just waiting for the silly "Fucking Up Market" crapola to start with McCall's. It's like some want to criminalize folks who want to deliver a great product, good service and make a living/turn a profit for all their hard work. I don't get that at all.

                1. re: Servorg

                  Hey, I put this post up and I actually do shop there! I have zero problem paying for top quality, I guess my issue is that by the metric of every other high-end place I can think of, they still shock me with their prices. I mentioned Lindy and Grundy up top because while L&G have some steaks that approach that $30/lb mark, they are usually aged 45-60 days, making (in my mind) the value higher...

                  1. re: Servorg

                    30/lb = FUB. it's not a bad thing.


                    (btw, I find 28/lb for dry aged ny to be extremely reasonable)

        2. $26.99 for prime NY this weekend. Who's less than that?

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          1. Perhaps we could say that McCall's is just "Grundy to the max"?

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            1. re: Tripeler

              No, because they are doing different things. Lindy and Grundy is also expensive and for different reasons. Meat at Mccalls is less expensive than L&G and comes from different sources. There is a different variety (large pile of hanger steaks for instance, my kids favorite) and more stability. They aren't trying to be nose-to-tail.

              I appreciate them both for different reasons.If you want to compare them you might say they were both expensive in different ways.

              1. re: JudiAU

                Yes, you are right. It's just that "Grundy to the max" had a nice ring to it. Apologies!

            2. Peads & Barnetts @ SaMo FM has mangalitsa crossed pork for $9-12/lb.

              Nothing, not even the live fish at Paradise Seafood comes close to $27/lb.

              I think that says it all. But Silver Lakers aren't going to SGV to buy razor clams, so... Let McCall make a living the way it knows how.