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Apr 8, 2013 08:15 AM

Cooking class party

My husband's birthday is coming up and we are considering a cooking class as a party. Where should we consider? I see that Cooks of Crocus Hill and Kitchen Window do private events. Anyone else we should be looking at?
Some requirements: my husband would want a hands on experience, not just demonstration. We would like to avoid sea food. Probably a smaller group, around 10 people.

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  1. I've always wanted to do make ice cream at Izzy's.

    (Happy birthday to your husband!)


    1. Heather Jansz does private classes. See

      I imagine that other chefs and/or teachers may be able to do similar programs. If your husband is into a particular type or style of food, it might be easier to get a customized class using this approach.

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        This is a good idea...but our kitchen isn't really group friendly. I'll keep it in mind if I can find a friend with a large kitchen!

      2. Have you considered Kitchen in the Market? They do private classes too.

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          This looks excellent, and a little more affordable than Cooks of Crocus Hill (didn't even ask Kitchen Window).

        2. I've taken a group class at kitchen window and enjoyed it a lot. We had a varied group when it came to skill levels but it was fun, hands on and the food we made was good.

          I bought my husband a class for him and his son at Christmas and ended up going with KW instead of Cooks because all the classes at Cooks were demo only. They had a great time, learned to make gnocchi 4 different ways.

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