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Apr 8, 2013 06:50 AM

Halal Indian in DC?

Can anyone recommend a halal Indian or Pakistani restaurant. DC or MoCo.


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    1. Haven'y been in there but there's a place near Eastern Market called "Aatish on the Hill" that bills itself as Pakistani rather than Indian - might be worth a call to see if it's Halal

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      1. re: Lemming2572

        Aatish is not bad. not bad at all. however a VERY unfortunate color sense was employed when the paint color was chosen. just painful. dunno if it's Halal (the food not the paint).

      2. You should check the Zabiha website for reviews of halal eateries. Food Corner near Howard University is decent, but pretty informal.

        1. So, so they're Persian, not Indian/Pakistani, but Yekta Kabob in Rockville just announced this week that all of their meat is now Halal.