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Apr 8, 2013 06:28 AM

Coconut milk in BPA-free packaging?

Anyone happen to know where in the Boston/Cambridge/Somerville area to buy coconut milk in BPA-free packaging?

I'm looking for coconut milk for cooking with. Not the milk-substitute kind they make for pouring in cereal.

Checked Whole Foods, TJ's, Harvest and they all have BPA-lined cans. Also checked my local Asian and Indian markets with the same results.

According to my research some brands that have no BPA in their packaging are:

Natural Value
Native Forest

Thanks in advance if you happen to know!

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  1. According to this article, TJ's has BPA free cans of coconut milk:

    You may have to order what you want online though...

    Good luck! What are you going to do with the milk?

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    1. re: Ladycale

      Sadly TJs only sells "light" coconut milk meaning it has a bunch of water added when compared to "standard" coconut milk.

      1. re: Luther

        Luther, actually TJs has started selling regular coconut milk, too, finally. The can I bought was really thick and rich.

        1. re: bear

          Interesting! Didn't realize they started carrying this. I wonder if the cans are BPA-free. Last I heard, TJ's wasn't 100% BPA-free with all it's canned products but they say they are working towards it.

          1. re: bear

            I just did a little googling and found that TJ's does sell something called coconut cream. Is that what you bought maybe?


            1. re: kdl

              I know it was a can next to the light stuff, and I'm pretty sure it was regular coconut milk. I'll see if I have a can at home and will check next time I'm in the store.

              1. re: bear

                It was marked Coconut Cream, something like "Thicker and richer than regular coconut milk." It is similar to the coconut milk I've used that has been particularly rich, almost like coconut oil.

                It's definitely not Cream of Coconut, which is sweetened for drinks and desserts.

        2. re: Ladycale

          Oh yeah. I should have mentioned that TJ's does have BPA-free cans of coconut milk but it's "light" which is too watery.

          I'm looking to use it in smoothies. Just got myself a Vitamix! Oh, and there's a really nice chocolate pudding I make sometimes which is just chilled coconut milk, cocoa powder and a little honey all blended together. So good and it's low in sugar.

          1. re: kdl

            here's my recipe for chocolate pudding with coconut milk. my default is tj's light, but i recently tried full fat and it was positively decadent.

            1 14-ounce can coconut milk
            3 tablespoons cocoa powder
            3 tablespoons sugar
            pinch salt
            4 ounces chopped bittersweet chocolate
            1 teaspoon vanilla

            stir enough of the coconut milk into the cocoa powder to make a slurry. put the remaining coconut milk in a saucepan, add the sugar and salt, then heat until bubbles form. lower the heat, then whisk in the cocoa mixture. add the chopped chocolate and stir until melted. take off heat and add vanilla. refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving.

            the pudding will appear thin, but thickens in the fridge.

        3. The Arroyo-D brand has excellent tetra pak coconut milk and coconut cream. AFAIK tetra pak's don't use BPA.

          Most of the Asian groceries in town should carry it. I know for sure that Kam Man in Quincy has it.

          The tetra pak product has the added advantage of not having emulsifiers or other additives, tastes better and cooks better. But be aware, like fresh coconut milk/cream, it does separate, which is desirable in Thai and other SEA cooking, but might not be in your application.

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          1. re: qianning

            Yeah, I'd love to find this. I'll have to check some more Asian grocery stores.

            1. re: kdl

              I always buy it at Kam Man, so haven't paid much attention to who else in Boston carries it....any store with a strong Thai/SEA section, I'd guess. But others on the Boston board should know.

          2. Brazilian coconut milk is distributed in glass bottles and tetra-pak style (lined) containers. The Somerville and Chelsea Market Baskets, as well as Brazilian butchers and markets like Casa de Carnes Solucao. DuCoco is the brand which is distributed in the paper containers, but also glass, and it has a greenish color. The other common brand is red and white and I can't remember the maker offhand. Brazilian brands are fairly well emulsified, although will separate with heat, dunno if additives are used or anything about the lining of the paper packaging. At MB look first with the Brazilian and Portuguese products, but occasionally they put it with the Goya coconut milk (canned) in Somerville.

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            1. re: itaunas

              Excellent. I'll check MB. Thx.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. any asian market should have aroy-d brand coconut milk