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Apr 8, 2013 05:43 AM

senegalese/guinean restaurants

i know they exist, somewhere in queens and brooklyn (and the bronx?). who knows where they are? sidenote: i've read the old threads about fatima, aicha, le grand dakar, and all are closed now. abistro used to be my fave but is also closing (if it hasn't already).

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  1. Conduct a search (and post) on Manhattan board; all the Senegalese places are on 116th Street

    1. Not strictly Senegalese/Guinean, but West African in the Bronx.

      Ebe Ye Yie
      2364 Jerome Avenue, The Bronx, NY 10458

      860 Melrose Avenue, The Bronx, NY 10451

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      1. re: Alan Henderson

        I've not been to Bate (or eaten Guinean food), but Ebe Ye Yie, while an interesting and unusual experience, is Ghanaian and the food is not very similar to Senegalese food at all. Since Ghana did not have French influence, it's doesn't have the great sauces. However, it does have interesting mushy starches to dip into soup that you eat with your hands.

      2. Bate is strictly Guinean and it is excellent. One of the best Francophone African restaurants I have been to between New York, London and Paris. There is another place nearby called African American Restaurant Maryway.

        Maryway is the single best Senegalese place I have been to in NYC and it is a lot better than what I can get here in London (although we have a far better Ivorian restaurant.)

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        1. re: JFores

          JFores is right. You'll find some leaf stews at Bate too (, which are quite delicious if funky and unusual to the unaccustomed diner.

          Unfortunately it looks like Maryway, which served one of my favorite mafe in town, has closed. Will see if the new place is simply the same place with a new name, but last time I walked by (Thursday afternoon, 3:00ish) they were shuttered.

        2. I'll second JFores' Bate recommendation. It's awesome.

          1. Whats the word on A Bistro? They moved over from Carlton to DeKalb - is that one now closing? I hope not!