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Apr 8, 2013 04:00 AM

The Long Island Mushroom Company

Found this article yesterday has anyone been there or have any info ?

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  1. Wow, no! Thanks for the link.

      1. A mutual client dropped off some chantarelles for us to try. Excellent.
        I wish them luck!!!

        1. So then they sell to walk in customers ? I don't believe I saw a web page.

          1. It says in the article they are selling direct to chefs and farm stands only, if I'm reading it right.

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              I was at Bayview Farms in Aquebogue last week and they had a box of gorgeous shiitakes sitting next to the register as I checked out ($10.99). I know they were from the East End but they could have been from the place in Bridgehampton. I am going back there today to pick up some of their fresh local duck breasts and eggs and will check it out and report back. Love that place!

              1. re: nofolady

                That's where I get my ducks too; since the farm is just around the corner that's as fresh as it gets!

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                  When I went there today they weren't in evidence so I asked...Katie told me the shiitakes I had seen were indeed from the NOFO source; the owners had dropped them off as a sample. They plan to start carrying them "as soon as the season picks up," which is good news and also smart on their part.
                  Till then they always have fresh shiitakes, portobellos and the usual baby bellas and button mushrooms, and the best baby bok choy around to stir fry with them for an excellent side dish or stir fry with whatever protein you prefer.
                  I love that they always have the best fresh herbs - not in the plastic shells you find in the grocery stores, fresh, in large bunches.
                  And if you ever spent time in Southampton you know about La Parma, a forever staple; they carry their fresh marinara sauce in the cooler as well as their salad dressings, in case you need a fix.
                  For anyone who doesn't know - and forgive me if I am repeating older posts - Bayview is a large, mostly indoor farm stand/market where the produce is washed and refrigerated so it stays fresher than some stands that only have outdoor space to display and sell theirs. They also sell fresh breads and pies (can't speak for the pies, never had one), and they always have Tate's (formerly Kathleen's) cookies from Southampton. Fresh cheeses and local eggs are always available as well as goat cheese soaps/products, jams, jellies, honey, plants and gift items.