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Apr 8, 2013 12:59 AM

Cooking Lessons From Anthony Bourdain

Not exactly "home cooking," but it is information provided for home cooks. Here's the link:

I'm pretty much a Bourdain fan. He's pragmatic and practical, and I love his recipe for mushroom soup! It's my fave. In this program he enlists the help of others in showing how to cook things properly, including a magnificently simple and delicious roast chicken by Thomas Keller. It's an excellent show!

It also has it's amusing moments, especially for me. I find his choice of "cooking vessels" to be "different." Or maybe I'm just a stick in the mud when it comes to choosing which pan to cook in, but it would never have occurred to me in a million years to use a big flat roasting pan to cook a beef Bourguignon! On the other hand, I do not have a stove that would keep the entire bottom of the pan hot, so maybe if I had that it might have occurred to me to make a stew in a roasting pan.

The other disconcerting thing was that -- in MY opinion -- he makes a really major error in preparing his beef Bourguignon. No lardons? No pearl onions? No mushrooms? What was he thinking! It looked like a really delicious beef stew, but not even close to my definition of Bourguignon. I mean, who makes a cheese sandwich without cheese? But I forgive him. And I only wish I had tasted half the truly great food he has... <sigh>

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  1. I enjoy watching Anthony Bourdain. I miss the programs on the travel channel. Thank you for bringing me to the videos on Youtube. I am looking forward to watch the other videos.