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Apr 7, 2013 11:23 PM

Sushi by Yuji

Stumbled across this post at Kevin's site, and I recall seeing the name Yuji on here recently, and am wondering if it's the same guy:

Looks good nevertheless !

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  1. That's not Yuji Otsuka from the old place on 4th, if that's what you're thinking (he's re-opening where Ghianda was on Alma). The Kingsway one is Yuji Nagaya:

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    1. re: clutterer

      Is Nagaya-san a new guy on the scene, or does he hail from another previous operation elsewhere ? I don't frequent Kingsway corridor anymore these days, but in the past the number of authentic sushi restaurants there could be counted on one hand: Kura in Burnaby and VanYa on Tyne (just off of Kingsway). This place looks promising.

      1. re: LotusRapper

        I read somewhere that Yuji used to work at Shiro. I got takeout from there and enjoyed it enough to try their omakase:

        1. re: flowbee

          Awesome. I'll have to try it soon. I am in that zone regularly. I noted that soon-to-open Latin American joint a couple of doors down from there too.

    2. That's got me hyperventilating :) Great to have quality sushi in that area. I also have a soft spot for Shima-Ya on Victoria Dr. near 41st, not too far from that hood. But the pics on the Sushi by Yuji Facebook page look promising! Thx for the intel.