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Apr 7, 2013 08:14 PM

WalMart World Table

I have been buying WalMart World Table Scillian Pizza. IMHO it's the best frozen pizza out there.

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    1. I know there was a longer thread about this, but it didn't turn up in a search. Several people here recommended it. Well, WalMart stopped carrying it. They replaced it with Sam's something-or-other. Does anyone know if it is the same? I bought a pizza at Sam's Club once and was not impressed.

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      1. re: MrsJonesey

        I tried that brand and like 2 out of the three we had. Too bad its gone.

        1. re: libgirl2

          Isn't it? I was hoping you were going to tell me that the Sam's whatever that's taken WT's physical freezer space was just WT renamed.