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Apr 7, 2013 07:52 PM

Looking for Baijiu, Chinese rice wine

Are there any stores in the area that sell Baijiu, the Chinese rice wine (for drinking, not cooking)? Sake is readily available, but according to my Chinese fiancée it is a very different product. Her parents are flying here in a month, and I would like to have some to share with them to celebrate our upcoming nuptials. I have searched a number of Asian groceries and Surdyk's, etc., and have come up empty, so I appreciate any help in this. I would ask them to bring a bottle, but they are already bringing a wedding dress and other things.

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  1. You might want to check out France 44. They usually carry some of the more hard-to-find Asian liquors. Also, you might want to call the MGM Blaine (Northtown location); the management (owners?) are Asian and I can remember buying a brutal Chinese rice wine a few years back that I have never seen before. One shot and I was almost knocked out!

    1. Can I apologize because your question gave me the best belly laugh I've had in weeks?

      In my experience, basic baijiu is bottled moonshine. The name MEANS "white liquor." In small grocery stores, it's sold in plastic bags.
      It's not a ... prestige drink... unless you're after one of the specialty old brands like MouTai. There is a US distributor at
      You need to use the "locate" tab for purchasing info.

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        Hmmmm...all locations are in Southern California; none in MN.


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          Well, I've never had it before, but the way my fiancée (who is from Shanghai) describes it, it is not moonshine-like, but a little more refined. I don't know what brand (or even the style or type) she had exactly, but she describes it as being a little sweet and with very good flavor (but she likes the thousand-year-old duck eggs, so taste is a very subjective thing). I don't doubt that the moonshine/bathtub gin variety is common, but that doesn't sound like what she described. I ordered a bottle from a Moutai distributor, so I will report back once I give it a taste.