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Apr 7, 2013 07:06 PM

French or Italian on UES or UWS, where we can talk

Need a restaurant recommendation upper mid-price range on UES or UWS. Taking a friend to dinner who has a limited diet due to side effect from radiation treatment, so cannot handle cream or vegetables, which is why we thought of Italian or French. I am staying with my family in the East 70's, and she lives in the West 60's, so anything between 60s and 90's on either side of the park. Since that is a treatment day for her, we need to stay relatively local and low key--nothing too loud, we are old friends catching up. I thought of Spigolo, but I heard the space is uncomfortable, any thoughts?

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  1. Lusardi's on 77th and 2nd?

    1. Spigolo is not the same as when original owner Scott ran the place. He "left" several months ago and everyone I talked to who I knew from dining there said it is not the same quality or atmosphere-albeit very small. I think Quartorze Bis on 79th between 2nd and 1st would be great. Perfect for conversation.

      1. I'd suggest Alloro on the Upper East Side, and Spiga on the Upper West Side.

        1. A bit far south, but pretty and quiet, with food that should please, if not excite, both of you. Amenable.

          1. Bello Giardino on West 70th or 71st just off Columbus is well priced, very decent Italian with a glorious back garden for a nice warm day.