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Apr 7, 2013 06:01 PM

Maple Sugar

I have just received some maple sugar which was derived from the sugar crystals (then pulverized) in maple syrup processing. It's the consistency of powdered sugar. Would this perform (chemically) the same as powdered sugar in recipes? I don't want to experiment since I only have a small amount. I was thinking of using it in place of corn sugar in beer making and maybe in something baked.

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  1. Tarte au sucre, or sugar pie is the best thing I know of to make with maple sugar. It's just cream, maple sugar and a bit of flour baked in a crust to make the most heavenly pie. Here's a recipe:
    I make it every spring in sugaring off season.

    1. Add to your bacon cure. Delicious!

      1. It's a great dusting sugar & makes wonderful frosting & meringues, but the moisture content may not be equivalent to powdered cane or beet sugar so sometimes you have to make slight adjustments to other liquids.

        I love it in truffles, granola, glazed nuts, hot cereal & yogurt. Blend it into goat cheese with cinnamon and nutmeg for dipping apple slices. Yu can even add it to pancake or waffle batter in place of white sugar - no syrup topping necessary!

        Or on the savory end, mix it with mustard and chipotle powder and brush it on salmon, pork or chicken; add it to dry rub for met; sprinkle on roasted squash or sweet potatoes; make maple-mustard vinaigrette...

        I think you're going to need to get your hands on some more ;)

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        1. In case you wanted a recipe, I've been saving this one: http://www.arcticgardenstudio.blogspo... until I can get my hands on maple sugar. It looks and sounds so good :)

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            Trader Joe's carried maple sugar a couple of months ago - I do not know if they still have it.

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                If you ever make it to Whole Foods in Westminster or Superior (I think those are the locations closest to you?), they'll have it in the baking aisle with the other sugars. Sprouts usually has it as well.

                Otherwise you can order it online:

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                  Great thank you!! I actually work near the Whole Foods in Highlands Ranch (such a fun commute).... the Westminster location is about a 30 minute drive from my house....I live outside of Brighton in the airport direction. I never really looked for it before until I found that recipe I posted above the other day and now it's been on my mind :)

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                    Well now you can get some and quiet your mind! They carry the granular sugar, but not the powder. If you want to use it in powdered form, just buzz the granules in a coffee grinder with a little corn starch to keep ir from clumping.

                    Also, I don't know if they still sell it at Whole Foods, but I love this grinder with maple flakes that I picked up there a long time ago. The flakes make a great finishing garnish:

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              That sounds great! Think I'm going to have to try it ... :)

            2. Powdered sugar (AKA confectioner's sugar or XXX sugar) contains cornstarch, so it is not interchangeable with maple sugar.

              I would use the maple sugar in the topping for fruit crisps, or for the caramel layer in upside down cake (pear or apple).

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                Just add corn starch to the powdered maple - the volume of starch in standard confectioners sugar is 3%. I did it when I used some for meringues once, and it worked beautifully.