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Apr 7, 2013 05:42 PM

Melrose mornings?

Egg Slut + Palihotel cafe which roasts Handsome Coffee - great M-F mornings 7a - 11a. Joan's on 3rd always a pleasure. What else makes a great weekday to-go breakfast or lunch stop in West Hollywood corridor Melrose/Beverly/3rd or Santa Monica betw. La Cienega and Highland?

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  1. We love the coffee and especially the bread at Le Pain Quotidien.

    1. I never go anywhere but Joan's.

          1. Well, just across from the Weho Palihouse @ the corner of La Cienega & Holloway is the Weho Bistro, which specializes in breakfast, also with Handsome Coffee,
            Great quiche and crepes. Brunch on weekends is a zoo.
            But the food is worth the wait, and there is plenty of parking in the adjacent lot off Holloway which is shared with the CVS Drug store on Santa Monica Blvd.