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Apr 7, 2013 05:16 PM

Fran's Closed Today....That...Totally...F*ing...Sux...


Luckily, we had our last one yesterday without even knowing. Seriously, the best old fashioned burger in town.


I'm really hating all you hipster condo dwellers that are taking away what truly makes Austin unique....up go the $Million Condos.

Off to stew in my juices...

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  1. Yeah I heard about this earlier too and it nearly ruined my day. At least it's not the only location, and we've still got Dan's as well.

    Boo f'n hiss. Pretty soon S.Congress is going to be scrubbed of any remaining grit. Just weekend warriors and ladies who lunch! Yay.

    1. Texas hipsters can afford ritzy condos? Our Northern hipsters spend all their money on tattoos and hats.

      1. Did Fran's close because the owner of the property refused to renew the business' lease in order to build "$million condos" on the site? If so, you must have a source of information the rest of us are not privy to.

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        1. re: heyzeus212

          Her taxes got too high because of all the redevelopment in that area.

          1. re: amysuehere

            All I've read is the Statesman article, so maybe there's another source that substantiates that. The Statesman only says that the family decided not to renew its lease, not that taxes (wouldn't it be rent, not taxes?) were too high.


            But more interesting that you're blaming expensive condos - which are not prevalent in that area - and not million dollar single family homes, which are. I don't own either, so I have no personal stake in this. I'm just always perplexed when my fellow Austinites blame any changes in our fair city on one of the repeating trope of scapegoats (ie, Californians/yankees/immigrants/hipsters/condo dwellers) rather than common economic or business decisions.

            1. re: heyzeus212

              yeah, i'm guessing amysue meant rent. the other likely reason would be revenues were decreasing. I rarely see Frans full but often see lines outside the door at hopdoddy.

              and to be fair, it does feel good to blame someone/thing else when something you like goes away or changes. even if its irrational it still feels good!

              1. re: heyzeus212

                She (the owner) stated in an interview on television that staying in business was no longer an option because of the new upscale development in the area raising her property taxes.

                All those mega-expensive high-rise condos downtown are most likely not Austinites. Just sayin'.

                1. re: amysuehere

                  You sure? Because I know quite a few people that live in high-rise condos downtown who are.

                  Moreover, it doesn't matter, because they moved here. They are Austinites now.

                  Do the folks living in the million dollar homes in Travis Heights and Bouldin Creek bear the same blame for Fran's closing? Should we wonder whether they're Austinites?

          2. It seems that when a city reaches a certain size the disappearance of old line restaurants accelerates. I was a Navy kid and lived in a lot of big cities growing up (NY, SF, LA, DC) and virtually none of my childhood haunts, even though they had good followings, is still around. Sorta sux

            1. Very sad.

              But we still have Nau's, at least.