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Apr 7, 2013 04:57 PM

super-coarse-ground sausage/hot links?

My name is Wade, and I'm a sausage-oholic, dry/wet/fresh/aged/smoked from the cheap bright-red hot links to the artisanal and imported stuff.

I'd be the first to argue that Texans are blessed in the U.S., sausage-wise, thanks to the traditions of the Czechs and Germans. We are, perhaps, the only state with such bounty at the grocery store, and within a reasonable drive: Elgin, Lockhart, Taylor, Huntsville, Pittsburg, and even close to home.

But I'm on a particular quest . . . .

Before moving back home, I developed a serious addiction to the super-coarse-ground pork hot links that are a staple in Chicago's BBQ joints. With few exceptions, these are African-American-run, and excel in pork ribs, rib tips, and meaty hot links.

See link about these links:

I've had similar hot links in the Mississippi Delta, but I'm coming up dry here in Houston (and Texas).

Before I moved back home from Chicago, I even had my own source: Peoria Packing, a wholesale/retail butcher/meat packer in Chicago's meat-packing district (Wabash, under the L). I could buy a 5-pound box of fresh for $15. All I had to do was to twist the long thing into links and smoke them.

Any suggestions? Doesn't have to be pork. Could be pork/beef or beef. Just meaty and super-coarse.

Thanks kindly,

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  1. Unfortunately, I haven't had your Chicago BBQ joint exemplar to refer to, but I personally greatly prefer the coarse grind German style sausage that is prevalent in Central Texas to the finer grind that I call "Hillshire Farms style".

    My retail favorites are whichever one is on sale from Burton's, Chappell Hill and Holmes.

    I also love the sausages I get at Pete's Fine Meats, Dozier's and Revival.

    However, as you seem familiar with the local German/Czech style, I'm assuming these aren't what you're looking for.

    Have you tried Polonia's little market, or maybe Herbert's?

    In any case, I hope you find what you're looking for, and then come back and let us know where we can find it too!

    1. These guys make some really good sausage, I've had their hot links and fresh jalapeno sausages, I would say the best I've had here in Houston, not sure how they compare to what you're looking for:

      1. Thanks kindly. I was away too long before moving back: totally forgot about BW Meat, Pete's, and Hebert's. Fixing to head out to those soon. Meanwhile, I remembered a pretty fine rendition of what I was hankering for at Leon's World's Finest In & Out BBQ house in Galveston (Broadway @ 54th). Skip the regular links and go with Leon's homemade pork & beef hot links.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Try the "street Polish" from R&B's "a taste of Chicago" at multiple locations in San Antonio.. Its a little out of the way but,,,,, its a "taste of home" for those from Chicago! In fact,, i'd guess they might even fedex to your door if you ask em! I'm just back from SA... Google for more info!