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Aug 11, 2001 08:49 PM

Poor Rating

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The hostess and scheduler really botched their jobs when I tried to make Saturday night reservations. After requesting a table for two BEFORE 9:30, I could hear the scheduler ask the hostess, "Who is he?". The reply: "Just some guy calling in." I was told they would have a table 9:30, the time I specifically stated was unacceptable.

Poor listening skills and inconsiderate staff - Eddie V's will enjoy their 15 minutes of fame without my business. When the luster and snobbery wears off, I may try again.

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  1. I agree with your Eddie V's experience. We did get seated on time, but the service was clearly overwhelmed. The clientele seemed to be mostly strippers and guys with money to waste. The "prime" steak I was served was low on marbling and absolutely unaged. Some of the seafood dishes were nice, but the prevalent crabmeat had been around a couple of days too long.