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Apr 7, 2013 04:31 PM

Two dinners down, two to go

Ate first night at r'evoltion. One of the best meals ever. Shrimp and grits was amazing. The service was fantastic. Perfect yet very warm and friendly. Loved it all. Set the bar too high though!
Herbsaint was so disappointing. In many ways due to the total bitchiness of the waitress who was so annoyed by any and all questions. When my husband asked about a dish she said, I just told you that! If I wanted to be snapped at I could have stayed home with my teenager. The food was good but just nothing special or memorable.
Hoping coquette ( tonight) and GW fins do better.

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  1. A great example of how bad service can ruin a good meal. I’m sure if you had great service, it would have elevated the food a notch. I’ve always found the service at Herbsaint to be aloof, but I think the food is so good it’s worth a visit. I think you will find the service at Coquette to be much friendlier.

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      It is highly unfortunate that many restauranteurs do not get the concept of "total service and food." That starts with the valet, and progresses to the FOH, to the service team, the kitchen, and even the sommelier, or wine steward, if there is one.

      One's dining experience can certainly go beyond just the food. For me, it is the total experience.

      We seek out a perfect blend, and usually find many, especially in a food-city, like New Orleans.