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Apr 7, 2013 04:25 PM

Vegetarian in St Pete and Tampa, Florida

I'm at St. Pete, FL for a 5 day conference and would welcome vegetarian (no fish) friendly recommendations in Tampa and St. Petes, any price range, any level of formality. Thanks!

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  1. Taco Bus has locations both in Tampa and downtown St. Pete and is very vegetarian friendly, as well as cheap (lunch and dinner) - I have loved their burritos with a combo of tofu and rajas con queso. In downtown St. Pete you also have Meze 119 which has more TVP products as fake meat, but it is pretty tasty if a little heavy - pretty casual both in atmosphere and price point. For dinner, the Refinery on Florida Avenue in Tampa is one of the best places in terms of vegetarian options for dinner in apps and entrees - they put a lot of thought into their vegetarian offerings and it is very good most of the time. For a higher end vegetarian dinner, there is Sideberns in South Tampa, which offers vegetarian dishes on their regular menu (entrees around $20) or the vegetarian tasting at $55/person. Good luck!

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      Went to Sideberns last night. It rocks - one of the best veggie menus I've ever seen. Thanks for the great rec!

      1. re: SimonF

        Went again - and it kind of fell flat. So it is interesting but inconsistent.

    2. I've been hearing good things about Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant (Vietnamese) in Pinellas Park.

      6575 Park Blvd Pinellas Park, FL 33781
      (727) 549-1688

      Not sure of anywhere else in the area.

      1. Meze 119 in downtown St Petersburg is all vegetarian with many vegan selections. It was great every time I went there.
        119 2nd St N