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Apr 7, 2013 03:54 PM

Help! Quebec City to Havre St. Pierre (Mingan) & Natashquan- delicious and casual

Hounds! I've been all over the board (and almost everywhere else!) and I could use any assistance you can offer. My wife and I are coming up in July via New England and are driving from Quebec City to Natashquan to pick up the supply ship to Labrador. I'll admit that food wasn't the reason for the trip :) but we are hoping to find some good local places to eat en route. If needed, we'll just check out what we can when we get there but would love your recommendations. We love just about anything local and interesting, all price ranges (though I suspect in this area casual will be the way to go).

On our first day out from Quebec City we are driving to Baie Comeau via the North Shore. Lunch could be anywhere from Baie St.-Paul (a few recos on the board there) to Tadoussac (where I saw Le Bateau recommended). I suspect dinner will be in Baie Comeau unless there's anything else in the vicinity.

On day two, we drive to the Mingan Archipelago in Havre St.-Pierre, where we'll stay all the next day, too. Thinking lunch likely in Sept-Iles. I could use big help in either place, including lodging in Havre St. Pierre. (Best I can find is Motel du Havre, who isn't returning my calls or e-mails at the moment.)

And on day three, we'll finish the drive to Natashquan where I fear it will be whatever's available at the ferry dock. But help appreciated there, too!

Thanks in advance, guys!

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  1. Definitely La Boheme cafe in Tadoussac is the upbeat and great food choice although I wish it were an early dinner instead.(le Bateau is buffet like and we did not go as i am scared by buffets!) If you go to Les Escoumins instead we had a fab lunch - last week- at the Chocolaterie/Sandwiches (!) in center of town across from the harbor.Their sign says, Chocolaterie Belge, but it is really called something like Chocolaterie Le Reve Doux .I LOVE that part of Canada and will go to Baie Comeau next trip so please let me know.

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      +1 for La Boheme.
      For lodging in H S-P, try the Hotel/Motel Du Havre. It's entirely nonsmoking, if that's a plus for you.

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      1. Susanne. So glad you are doing this. i love this thing. (Now I can spell Susanne.)
        If this is public, I might add that Bolee , in Tadoussac, WAS a good place, quite local, exceeded expectations as the menu is sort of hum drum . Sort a neighborhood bistro, well prepared, not edgy. They did scallops and duck very well and the bakery below became our every morning place for coffee and pastry or bread filled with hazelnuts, chocolate YUm which was great with the coffee. I am replying to the only orther post which I found which were like, 2007 - old!