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Apr 7, 2013 03:31 PM

Staying in Lamar, PA for PState graduation.

We will be there for two days. Anything to eat there or thereabouts?

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  1. Other than truck stops and a few fast food places, there is the Cottage Restaurant. For anything good you're going to have to head in to State College or Bellefonte.

    1. Yep. Head thee to State College (after perusing the various SC threads on this board). You're bound to find something you like.

      1. It seems likely that you'd spend most of your time in State College and its vicinity, but if you don't, Lamar is closer to Lock Haven than State College. There aren't nearly as many restaurants nor the variety there that State College has, but if you're looking for something closer, try Texas Lunch, Fox's Market, or Dutch Haven.

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          Penn State's spring graduation has already happened, but I recently discovered some superlative cookies at a place in Lock Haven. About ten minutes from Interstate 80, I visited Samantha's Kitchen and grabbed a soft peanut butter cookie sandwich with chocolate mousse, a soft sugar cookie made with maraschino cherries, and a giant sticky bun about 5"x5"x2". The peanut butter cookies were deliciously salty and the cherry cookie had such great cherry flavor. We were really impressed, so if you're on I-80 and need a quick dessert, I'd stop here to try any of their other baked goods.

        2. Very tough finding reservations at anything worthwhile near state college this late on graduation weekend.